New Shoes Run & Running Partner

I’ve been in the process of building back up my running. I didn’t want to jump right back in to it since I haven’t run in about 4 weeks. This morning I headed out on a 3 mile run in my new shoes! What a difference new shoes makes!!! I had a little bit of pain in my leg, but I think it’s just that my muscles aren’t used to running again and it’ll just take a little time getting back in to the swing of things again. It was nothing like the pain I get from shin splints. Now, just to improve my running pace. That’s a whole other story. Lol.

I was kind of excited though. I had a running partner this morning…in the form of my boyfriend’s 9 yr old son.

He ran 1 mile with me in 10:48
He ran 1 mile with me in 10:48

He’s wanted to get better at running because he just got done playing indoor soccer & he’s now playing flag football, so he’s wanted to go running with me for a while. He happened to wake up this morning right as I was getting ready to head out on my run. We kept a pretty good pace most of the time. On the way back home, there was a slight uphill and I could tell he was getting a little worn out, so we stopped & walked. If we hadn’t stopped to walk, we would have finished in probably 10:05-10:10. I’m proud of him no matter what though.

Even after we went running, he went on to play an AWESOME football game and almost made a touchdown!!! He was about 5 yds short & his flags got pulled. 😦 Boo.

It’s been a crazy busy day though. B had his football game, T had a softball clinic that she seemed to really enjoy, plus we took them to Home Depot to do their monthly craft thing. Whew!

Now, it’s finally time to sit down & relax for a few minutes.

How’s your weekend going? Doing anything fun?


8 thoughts on “New Shoes Run & Running Partner”

  1. Fun, yeah sitting inside watching the rain pour down yet again. I am hopeful that the week ahead will bring clear skys and warm temps, we deserve it after this long winter and not so normal spring.

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