ENERGYbits Review

I received ENERGYbits to try and review for my blog. All opinions are my own.

I posted on Twitter not long ago that I had shin splints and one of my followers responded back asking if I’d ever tried ENERGYbits. We got to talking and I was given a free sample to review and blog about.

I was SUPER excited to try it because they have multiple different supplements. They have ENERGYbits that obviously help you with energy, they also have RECOVERYbits that help with different kinds of recovery, from injury to hangover.

This was taken from their website: “ENERGYbits® are tiny algae tabs so nutritionally dense, they eliminate fatigue and hunger instantly. Want a healthy, natural way to fuel your game or fire up your brain? ENERGYbits® are for you! NO caffeine, sugar, chemicals, gluten or soy, just pure, plant based nutrition, all for just ONE calorie per tab.”

I tried ENERGYbits for the first time the other day. One of the only downers I find about ENERGYbits is you have to take 30 little tablets at once. You can chew them, or you can swallow them with water. I chose to swallow it with water. I don’t mind taking pills, etc., but I know there are some people out there that have a hard time swallowing pills, and 30 is just alot. But, otherwise, I have had GREAT experience with ENERGYbits.

You need to take 30 tablets 10-15 minutes prior to your workout. I was getting ready to do a bike workout the other day, so I hurried & took the tablets & then set up my bike and got ready to ride for 90 minutes.

Because the tablets are made of algae, I expected it to taste very “earthy”, but it wasn’t bad. I expected there to be an after taste and there wasn’t.

I noticed throughout my workout I didn’t get as fatigued as I normally do. I track my calorie intake and how many calories I burn via MyFitnessPal, and going in to this workout I had a pretty big calorie deficit. Normally, I would get fatigued pretty quick with this workout, but due to the ENERGYbits, I didn’t get as fatigued so quickly. I didn’t seem to be quite as hungry after the workout either and normally I’m STARVING. It’s a good appetite suppressant.

The only other downer about ENERGYbits is, for me, it’s pricey. For 1,000 tablets, it’s $115. Now, granted, that’s a 33 day supply if you use them every day, but unfortunately, my budget just won’t allow it. If I did have the money, I can guarantee I would use ENERGYbits more.

ENERGYbits are only available at, and Jonathan (their Community Manager) has shared with me that he’d be happy to connect anyone with a current ambassador to share a discount on a bag of bits, or more info on their sample program – you can email him at


3 thoughts on “ENERGYbits Review”

  1. Everyone seems to be blogging about this. I had to contact them to get a sample to see what the fuss is about. I hope it arrives soon. Everyone seems to say the product works!

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