Kid Friendly Chicken Recipe

The boyfriend’s kids can be SUPER picky eaters. Especially when it comes to meat. It’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to eat. Yesterday, we got chicken out of the freezer for dinner, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I emailed the boyfriend and he found this recipe. I doubled the recipe so that there would be seconds if need be.

I however forget to get double the croissant rolls though. Haha! I finished chunking up/shredding chicken & the boyfriend went to the store to get more croissant dough. While he was gone, B came in to the kitchen & said it smelled good and he was excited for dinner. After I made the whole mixture, I let him try some of it. He was a little apprehensive at first, but after he took a bite of the chicken mixture he said he LOVED it!!

I just served it with mashed potatoes. Now, B won’t eat mashed potatoes, but he had 2 servings of the chicken. I’ll take that! He normally won’t ask for seconds! Yay for finally finding a chicken recipe the kids like.

Do you have a favorite kid friendly chicken recipe?


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