Put A Ring On It

I had a VERY exciting Valentine’s Day! I hope you all did too. Since it was SO exciting, I thought I’d share with you guys the details. 🙂

First off, like I said in this post, I didn’t think we were going to do anything for Valentine’s Day.

We ended up dropping the kids off at my mom & dad’s house and then drove back in to Salt Lake City to go to dinner. Rob wouldn’t tell me where we were going, so I didn’t know we were going to Texas Roadhouse until we got there. We were in the parking lot & they were SUPER busy, so we decided to call & see how long the wait was. It was 80 min!!! HOLY SMOKES!!! We decided to call around to see if there was another Texas Roadhouse that had a shorter wait. It happens that the one right down the street from my mom and dad’s house only had a 20-30 min wait. Lol.

Rob was kind of bummed because now that I knew we were going to Texas Roadhouse part of the surprise was up. We finally got up to the restaurant by my mom and dad’s house and got seated.

They had a special Valentine’s deal where you got 2 appetizers, something else, plus your main meal for only $40. This was the first time I’d ever had prime rib. It was DELICIOUS!!!

Rob was acting very casual the whole time and then half way through the meal, he just got up & left and said he’d be back in a minute. I was thoroughly confused because he walked the opposite way of the restrooms. I tried to watch where he was going, but I couldn’t.

I saw him walking back to the table, but didn’t see him carrying anything and then he snuck up behind me, gave me a teddy bear that was holding a ring box and said “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

Apparently I was shaking like a leaf. I kept slowly opening the box and looking at him, opening the box, looking at him, etc. He was just smiling the whole time.

I opened the box and got this promise ring!


I finally got it sized & am able to wear it!
I finally got it sized & am able to wear it!

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