2014 Miles

I log all of my workouts on Daily Mile. If you are on Daily Mile and we’re not friends yet, you can find me here. I really like posting my workouts there because then you get motivation from other athletes by them posting comments on your workouts or you can help motivate others by commenting on their workouts. It’s alot of fun. I think if you have an iPhone, you can get the DailyMile app. But if you’re like me and you have a Droid, well then, you just have to use the good ole internet on your phone or your computer. Either way, it’s pretty user friendly.

Well, today, I got my yearly stats from Daily Mile. They are a little bit off because I didn’t log ALL of my workouts last year. I took a break from social media for about a month.

Here are my stats:

4,162 miles logged last year
Avg of 80 miles/week
498 workouts logged total
Burned 97 lbs (that’s like the size of a teenager!)

Are you on DailyMile? Do you keep track of how many miles you run/bike/swim every year?


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