My First Client

As you know, I’m going to school to be a personal fitness trainer. So far, I’m really loving it! It’s very fascinating to me and I want to be able to inspire people.

I have my first client already! Who is it? It’s Rob! He wants to get in shape to go back to the police academy so that he can get certified to be a law enforcement officer on the road. He has started looking in to what he needs to do to graduate from POST with his LEO certification and he has to be able to complete the following:
– Jump 17.5 inches
– 29 Sit ups in 1 min
– 300 meeter run in 64 seconds
– 21 push ups
– 1.5 mile run in 14:46

He actually found some workouts online that will help him train for this and I told him that if he’d print those out, I’d do the workouts with him. He told me “But you need practice writing workouts.”, so now I have my first client.

So far, things are going really well. I’ve gone to the gym twice with him so far and he’s really sticking to it. You can tell there are times that he REALLY doesn’t want to go to the gym, but he suits up and goes any way. I’m SO proud of him.


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