Everything at Once

Do you ever feel like anything that can go wrong will go wrong? That just seems how my life has been lately.

Last weekend I had my dad change the brakes on my car. I was already short on money, but my brakes were getting REALLY bad. As he was getting ready to put my right tire back on he noticed that it was going bald. So bald you could see the steel underneath it! Crap!!! I didn’t have money for a new tire let alone a used tire. Plus the reason my tire went bad is because of the alignment on my car. Thankfully, Rob came through & bought me a used tire.

So, the tire situation is taken care of…for the moment. But, I still need to get my alignment taken care of. My alignment is what caused the tire issue in the first place. An alignment adjustment costs at least $60. Guess what I don’t have? You’re right…$60. So, I ended up having to charge it to my Les Schwab account and going in to more debt.

Then, this weekend, I lost an eye contact. That might not sound like a big deal to some, but for me, it’s HUGE. Without contacts or glasses, I’m very close to legally blind. I remember in first grade when I got my glasses, the eye doctor said my vision is so bad that without glasses/contacts I can’t see a cow from across the road. Sadly, it’s true. So, when I lost my contact I had a melt down. I have no spare contacts (can’t afford any right now) & the glasses I do have are the pits. Thankfully, Rob was able to find my contact for me.

But, lately it just seems like anything that can go wrong, will.

Have you ever felt like this? How do you deal?


2 thoughts on “Everything at Once”

  1. I have had those moments in the past and sometimes have them occasionally now. It’s pretty stressful for me right now – having a baby anytime now, my husband is getting medically retired from the Army due to combat injuries, so our future is kinda up in the air right now! STRESSFUL! I just try to look to the positive and plan as much as possible. However, that is much easier said than done.

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