First Week of School

I started school this week. I finally made the jump & am going back to school to become a personal fitness trainer. Ever since losing weight 5 years ago I’ve always wanted to be a personal trainer.

One way I was convinced about going back to school was that I could go part time & still get financial aide.

so, I only have school on Monday & Wednesday, and am only taking 1 class at a time. For the first 5 weeks, my class is “Special Populations”. So I’m learning about how to write workouts for older folks as well as pregnant women, diabetics, children, etc.

The first day of class was rather fascinating. We just mainly had discussion on the overview of the class & went in to a few specifics, but that’s it. After the first day of class I was really looking forward to learning more.

Wednesday I got to class a little early & was ready when the teacher, who is also the program director walked in.

When the teacher walked in on Wednesday, he told us we would be discussing pregnancy & how to change things up for pregnant clients.

On Wednesday night, the teacher seemed to be getting slightly frustrated because he’d ask us all questions & expect answers, but we didn’t have the answers. I’m there to learn the answers.

Then, a strange thing happened Wednesday night. We took our last break & came back to class around 9 p.m. When the teacher came back, something seemed to be a miss.

The teacher walked in to the classroom, turned out the lights & was messing with the computer & a case of DVDs. He then got up & told us we were going down to the gym & he was going to show us proper technique, etc for these workouts.

I was excited cause I thought he wad going to do a demo. We got down to the gym, he was fiddling with the DVD player & DVD. He then put a DVD in for us to watch. The movie was on psychology & optical illusions!!!! WTF?

The whole time the movie is going on, the teacher is behind us mumbling, etc. I don’t know what, but something wasn’t right.

The movie ended & he told us our assignment was to review & tell him next time how this movie & workouts for pregnant women correlate. All I could think was WTF!!!

I go back to class tomorrow night. I’m going to talk to one of the other students & see what they thought of class last time. It’ll be interesting to see how the teacher is tomorrow night too. If he’s still weird, I will complain to the school.


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