“Have You Seen the Junk In My Trunk?”

I’m SO excited. I wanted to do a Ragnar Relay or the EPIC Relay this year, but I just couldn’t see affording it. My friend, and previous boss, has put together a team for the Epic Cache-Teton Relay and they are short 3 members. She already asked me once if I wanted to do the relay with them, but I had to tell her no because I couldn’t afford it. She just texted me the other day and said that if I would run it, they would pay my way!!! I feel bad that they are paying for me, but she said for me to look at it as them paying to not have to run a full marathon. Haha!

I’ve done this race once before and it is absolutely beautiful! You start out in Logan, UT and finish in the Teton Village in Jackson, WY. The first time I did the race I saw parts of Utah I didn’t know existed. Plus, what’s better than finishing the race in Teton Village? It’s SO gorgeous up there.

They don't call it the Grand Teton's for nothing!
They don’t call it the Grand Teton’s for nothing!

It’s a 2.5 – 3.0 hour drive back to Salt Lake City from where we finish at, so we always get a hotel for the night up in Jackson. Plus, then you get to do the touristy things, like go to Million Dollar Cowboy Saloon.

The bar is covered in silver dollars.
The bar is covered in silver dollars.

I don’t know what runner I’m going to be yet, I just know I’m in van # 2. I’ll probably be either runner # 7 or runner # 8. Last time I did this race (2 years ago), I was runner # 1.

I can’t wait to do this race. My team name? “Have you seen the junk in my trunk?” Haha! I love it!

Do you do relay runs? Which is your favorite?


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