Utah Tour de Donut Race Recap

This last Saturday was my third year doing the Utah Tour de Donut. The first year I did it was done at the spur of the moment the morning after doing a Midnight Half Marathon.

The logistics of the race is you ride your bike a 7 mile loop, stop and eat donuts, ride the 7 mile loop again, stop and eat donuts again and then ride the 7 mile loop one last time and cross the finish line. For each donut that you eat, you get your final time reduced by 3 minutes.

The first year I did this race, I was very conscious and I think I only ate 4 donuts total. That is what I was going to do last year, but when I got to the race last year, my competitive spirit came out and I ended up eating a total of 8 donuts. I had left before the awards, but had found out later that day that I had come in third in my age group. The Tour de Donut folks were kind enough to mail me my plaque.

This year, I decided I wanted to try and do even better. My goal was to come in second. My goal was to eat 12 donuts and come in second! Yes…1 dozen donuts…and a dozen donuts is exactly what I ate! I wanted to eat 13 donuts to make it a baker’s dozen, but it just wasn’t happening. Lol.

I decided to go all aero on this race. I took my aero helmet and spent most of the time in my aero bars.
I made it down to American Fork and picked up my packet by 8:00 a.m. and waited around with my friends Sylvia and Khris until the race started. As we were waiting for the race to start and I was riding around the parking lot, I heard the announcer guy say “Ok folks, I’ve just seen my first aero helmet at this race!” Yup, he was talking about me. Lol.

It was time to line up for the race. Right as soon as I started to take off, my aero bottle fell out of its holder. Crap! I hadn’t crossed the start line yet, so I could have stopped & put it back on, but I was surrounded by people, so I opted not to.

The first loop, I was averaging between 20 – 22 mph. It’s a fairly flat course, so it’s easy to get your speed up. My heart rate seemed to be pretty high though. Don’t know why. Probably just from the adrenaline of the race, etc.

I came in to the donuts for the first lap and downed 6 donuts. It wasn’t too bad. I was quickly reminded of how sickening sweet the donuts are. Gag!! I’ll tell ya, the trick to downing 6 donuts, you smash 3 of them together and eat them like one donut and drink lots of water with the donuts.

Coming in for donuts on the first lap
Coming in for donuts on the first lap

Eating donuts 2

I headed out for the second loop and it was a little bit harder from downing 6 donuts. Once I got about 1/3 of the way through the loop, it seemed a little easier. My average speed the second loop was between 18 – 20 mph.

Heading out for 2nd loop on the bike.
Heading out for 2nd loop on the bike.

As I was coming in for donuts for the second time, I stopped, but my bike didn’t and I had the brakes on the front wheel, but not the back wheel and I crashed. Thankfully, there were a lot of people there and they broke my fall, so all I have is a big ole bruise on my leg.

My crash didn’t stop me from eating donuts though. I ate 6 more donuts. These last 6 donuts were TOUGH to down. It took everything I had to eat them. I finally got the last bite of donut in my mouth and I was off for the last loop.

Eating donuts 2nd lap

The last loop felt the same as the second loop. I almost barfed a little bit on the last loop. It felt slower, but it was about the same time as the second loop.

With it being a 7 mile loop, the ride goes by pretty fast. I came cruising in to the finish line and rode my bike to my car to pack up.

Crossing the finish line.
Crossing the finish line.

Now was the waiting game. Because I placed third last year and didn’t think I did that well, I was determined to stick around for the awards this year. Because they have to do calculations to get your correct time, it takes a little bit to get to the awards. They give away a bunch of prizes while waiting for the awards, but of course I never win those. 

Finally, they got to the awards, and yay!!! I came in 2nd!!! The lady that came in first in my age group, also was Queen Donut and she ate 14 donuts!!! I’d like to think that maybe next year I could come in first, but I don’t know if I could down 14 donuts. That might just be too much.

Yay for 2nd place!!!
Yay for 2nd place!!!

I do plan on signing up again next year though. I have to defend my title. Haha!

The race ended with me getting in my car and trying to drive home and having the tie rods in my car go bad. Basically, the tie rod holds the wheel to the axle so you can steer. So, I couldn’t drive it home. Shout out to my dad for driving back down and fixing it for me!

Have you ever done a race like the Tour de Donut? If not, would you?


6 thoughts on “Utah Tour de Donut Race Recap”

  1. haha, omg! Unique race! I’ve heard of 5k runs like this, ugh, I would not do well in one of these! Awesome that you were strategic and did really well! Congrats on your AG place!
    Did you find your aero bottle at the finish?

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