What Keeps You Motivated?

I got an email the other day from my cousin asking me for help in motivation with workouts. My cousin said she doesn’t mind working out, but it’s just getting to the gym that makes it tough.

First thing I thought of when she asked about motivation was my friend on Twitter Motivate Your Ass. He’s a rock star athlete. But, his name just says it all, doesn’t it?

When I first started working out and training for triathlons, I know this might sound weird, but what kept me motivated to going to the gym twice a day, 7 days a week was the fact that I paid $40 for the triathlon and I didn’t want to be a failure. To me, $40 is A LOT of money. I wanted to get my monies worth. Plus, once the weight started coming off, the thing that kept me motivated, and still does, is the fear of being fat again.

Even now, there are days I struggle with motivation. There are days I absolutely have ZERO motivation, but know I need to get to the gym. One thing that helps is knowing that I will be a better athlete for going to the gym. I always tell myself the only way I will get better is if I get this workout in. Plus, I know once I get done with the workout, I won’t regret it.

Bad workout

Another thing that motivates me is if I know I’ll see a friend at the gym or if I have someone to workout with. If you can find a workout partner, that helps A LOT. It keeps you accountable. I LOVE knowing I’ll see Nick at the gym or if I have a friend to ride up Emigration Canyon with me. It makes it less overwhelming if you’ve got a buddy with you.

Another tip I could give is find something you enjoy. Whether it is Zumba, step aerobics, weight lifting, running, biking, swimming, jump roping, walking, it doesn’t matter. If you enjoy it, you’ll make time to go to the gym to do the workout. Granted, it’s going to take time still to get to the point where you enjoy it, but it’ll come. Have patience (I know, easier said than done). When I first started working out, I didn’t mind swimming, I didn’t mind biking, but I absolutely DREADED running. It sucked!!! It took me a while until I started seeing significant progress that I started to enjoy it. It probably took me 2 or 3 months to start to enjoy running.

Last but not least, one trick I use to keep me motivated is a reward system. I’m absolutely TERRIBLE at getting up early to get a workout in before work. I like my sleep. One thing that helps me is I have Rob that helps me get up in the morning. His tactic is “you’ll regret it if you don’t get it done in the morning”. Haha! Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t. Plus, I know if I get my workout done in the morning, I get to have more of a free evening and don’t have to cram my entire workout in to the evening. I usually use the tactic of if I get all of my swim workouts done in the morning in a week, then I can buy myself a new purse/ice cream/treat on the weekend.

What keeps you motivated?


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