Ironman Plans

My original plan to complete a full Ironman was to do a half Ironman this year and then do a full Ironman in 2014. I even knew that I wanted to do Ironman Couer d’Alene (IMCdA).


After completing my first half Ironman (Boise 70.3), I’ve decided it is in my best interest to change my plans. Am I happy about it? No. Is it what needs to be done? Yes. Will I still finish a 140.6? ABSOLUTELY…just not when I wanted to.

First change of plans: I most likely will not do IMCdA. I was going to do this course because I have friends that live up there and it would be cheaper to do that race because I could stay with friends. Plus, I’ve heard it’s an absolutely beautiful course. However, I tend to get shin splints every year in the spring time and usually end up taking a couple of weeks off from running in the spring. With IMCdA being in June, the shin splints would really put a damper on my training. So…with that being said, when I finally do a full Ironman, I will probably sign up for Ironman Arizona (IMAZ), which is in November every year.

Now, I would absolutely LOVE to sign up for IMAZ for 2014; however, with my performance at Boise 70.3 this year, I feel like I need at least 1 more half Ironman under my belt before tackling a full Ironman. I think 2014 will be the year of one, if not two, half Ironman’s.

I’m tempted to sign up for Ironman St. George 70.3 in 2014, but I really want to do Ironman Boise 70.3 in 2014 again too so that I can try and better my time from this year. The only problem is, I don’t know if I can afford both races.

So, my plan as of right now, is to do the last couple of races I have scheduled for 2013. Hopefully sign up for St George 70.3 and Boise 70.3 for 2014 and then hopefully sign up for Ironman Arizona for 2015.


What races do you have coming up? Are you contemplating any BIG races?


2 thoughts on “Ironman Plans”

  1. Question for you…I was curious about doing boise next year and was hoping maybe you could let me know what the actual temperature seemed like you thought it was really hot (heat scares me).

    1. Hi Meghan. I don’t remember the exact temp. It was probably in the 90s. The race starts at Noon, so you’re racing in the heat of the day; however, as long as you stay hydrated you’re fine. Also, the run course is pretty shaded, so you’re good there.

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