Spicy Food

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been in a kick where I want spicy food & I want alot of it. Lately all the spicy food I’ve made or ordered hasn’t been that spicy.

We went to Black Bear Diner for Fathers Day & I ordered their spicy omelet that had spicy Italian sausage in it, & it want very spicy. I ended up adding some Tobasco Sauce to it to add some heat to the omelet.

This last Saturday Rob & I took his kids to the Pizza Pie Café. They had a pizza there called “The Firefighter”. It had jalapenos on it & some other pepper, but once again, the pizza wasn’t spicy enough.

The Pizza Pie Café is an all you can eat pizza & pasta place. I had a small bowl of penne pasta & added what was supposed to be a spicy sausage sauce, but you guessed it…not spicy.

Finally, tonight, Rob and I got dinner at a place called Scaddys. I ordered the spicy Philly Cheesesteak. I finally got my spicy fix!!! This delicious debauch had the beef, pepperjack cheese, spicy mayo, deep fried jalapenos, mushrooms, & red & green peppers. It had a really good kick to it. Of I wasn’t so hungry, I would have taken a picture of this masterpiece of a sandwich!

I’m still in the mood for spicy though, & I’m still hungry.

Do you like spicy food? What’s your favorite spicy food?


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