Candy Crush

Have you heard of the Candy Crush Saga game that can be played on Facebook or downloaded on to your phone? Oh good grief, it’s addicting! Lol.

Candy crush

I’d received invitations for this game on Facebook, but avoided it like the plague. There are only a couple of games on Facebook that I play, otherwise I block the rest. I don’t need to be on Facebook any longer than I already am.

Well, when I started dating man-friend, he had this game downloaded on to his phone. I’d watch him play it and it looked kind of fun, but I was still unsure about it. Did I really want to download it and have one other thing suck the life out of my battery on my phone?

Finally, one day I was bored on my phone and downloaded it. BAD mistake!!! I’m on level 29 right now and it is HARD!!! It is addicting. It can get frustrating. Lol. It is a challenge and it’s fun for when I get bored, but it is tough. Man-friend is on level 44 I think.

Do you play games on Facebook? Do you have games on your phone? What’s your favorite game to play?


2 thoughts on “Candy Crush”

  1. Yeah, it took me and the hubby a full week to complete level 29. 30 sucks worse so don’t be so excited to get there! I need to delete it from my phone! I don’t play on FB.

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