Road Island Diner

This last Sunday, I talked the man-friend in going up to Jordanelle State Park with me to get some open water swimming in before the Boise 1/2 Ironman on 6/8.

The one thing that sucks about Utah is you have to drive at least 1 hour, in any direction, to get to open water to swim (you really don’t want to swim in the Great Salt Lake).

So, Sunday we headed up to Jordanelle to get some open water swimming in. There is a race I do there every year and I thought it would be good to see the water level too. It’s REALLY low right now. But, we loaded up the dog and my wetsuite and headed up there.

Jordanelle Reservoir
Jordanelle Reservoir

I got a little bit of open water swimming in, but the water was REALLY low and it was REALLY cold, even though I had a wetsuit on. I didn’t panic as much as I usually do though. So, I’m taking that as a good sign.

After I got done swimming, we drove in to a little town not far away called Oakley, UT. The only reason I know where Oakley is, is because one of my friends grew up there and it is on the route for the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay.

We drove around the town and up Weber Canyon Road and I saw parts of Utah I didn’t know existed. Then, we stopped by the Road Island Diner on our way. I’ve seen this little diner and always wanted to stop there. I’m so glad we did.

Road Island Diner

Since we had the dog with us, we couldn’t eat inside, but we got the order to go. I walked in and it’s such a cute little place. They’ve got a really good menu and they’ve got a jukebox that plays all kinds of old songs. I placed our order and they were kind enough to give me a styrofoam bowl so we could give the dog some more water too.

The man-friend ordered the BBQ pulled pork dinner with mashed taters & mac & cheese and I ordered their Reuben sandwich with home made chips! Both were DELICIOUS!!! We took the food to a park & ate and then headed home.

Both man-friend and I want to go back some time when we don’t have the dog so we can eat inside. They’ve got some amazing looking pastries too.

This little diner though, it’s got a really cool story. This diner started back in a city in New Jersey and then it was moved to Fall River, MA. Then, in 2007, I believe, it was put on a flatbed truck and moved to Oakley, UT. I love the story behind it.

I love quaint little places like this. I’d definitely return.


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