Tough Training Week

I think my coach is trying to kill me!!! Sunday I got a text from him saying this:

“Your workout for tomorrow is:
200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull
4 x 500 with 200 pull in between

cool down. Prepare for a tough week”

Holy crap! Coach wasn’t kidding when he said prepare for a tough week. I tried to imagine what the workouts were that he was going to give me, but everything I imagined didn’t even come close. Here is my workout schedule for the week:

Bike: warm up 20 min. 6 x 5 min hard TT Effort. Take a full 5 min recovery between. Cool down.
Run: 5 miles

Swim: warm up, 30 x 100 with 20 sec rest (yes I said 30). Pull on 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. Cool down
Run: Warm up 10 min. 8 x 3 min hard with 2 min easy jog between. Cool down.

Bike: Warm up 20 min. Head up Emigration. When you get to Sun & Moon Café, you will push to the top. Come back to Sun & Moon & repeat. Cool down.

Emigration Canyon

Swim: Warm up, 3000 non-stop, yep, more than race distance. Cool down.
Run: 12 miles

Bike: 3 hours. Do 4 x 20 min at race effort in middle take a min of 10 in rest between. Cool down.

Thankfully Sunday is a rest day. I am very much looking forward to it. 

I’ve figured out the method to my coach’s madness though in regards to the crazy tough week of training this week. I went in to Salt Lake Running Co the other day to buy some gels and a SPIBelt and my coach was there (he’s a manager there). I happened to mention to him that I was nervous about this week’s training schedule and he said “Eh, don’t worry about it. It’s tough this week so that come race day in 2.5 weeks, it’ll seem like a piece of cake!”

That actually makes sense. Not that I doubted him, because I don’t. If anybody knows how to train for a triathlon, it’s B.J…hence why he’s my coach.

By the way…a quick shout out to my coach for coming in 3rd in his age group at Ironman Texas! Yes, he’s Kona bound again!

What are your workouts like this week? What do you do to keep from getting overwhelmed with your workouts?


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