I apologize for not blogging lately. My life seems to be a giant whirlwind. It seems like alot has been happening lately.

I think last time I blogged I was waiting on a diagnosis of what was wrong with my leg. So, let’s start there. This post explains what happened. I had pain in my lower leg that felt like shin splints, but also felt like a muscular issue. I went and had a bone scan (really cool to see) and then had to wait a week to get the results from the doctor. By the time I got the results from the doctor it had been almost 4 weeks since I’d run. The bone scan came back saying I had no stress fracture (whew!). So, the doctor gave me a neoprene sleeve to wear on my leg when I run and sent me on my merry way. The Saturday after my doctor appointment, I decided to attempt running, so I headed out on an easy 3 mile run and it was pain free! Yay! Since then, I’ve slowly been easing my way back in to running and it has been GREAT!!! I’ve been able to run faster than I ever have before.

I’m doing the SLC 1/2 Marathon tomorrow and I’m running for Boston. I’m nervous about this run too. Why? Because the longest I’ve run while training for this is 5 miles! Usually when training for a 1/2 marathon you have at least 10 mile runs under your belt. But, I’m going to do what my coach said and I’m going to run it, but I’m going to run it smart. If I feel like I need to walk, I will. If I feel like I can push myself a little, I will.

In regards to cycling, I have some BAD news. Back in February when I crashed my bike, I thought the only thing that needed to be adjusted were the handlebars and stuff like that. Well, last week, one of my workouts was to ride up Emigration Canyon. As I was riding, I would look down at my front tire and you would see it wobble a little bit. This made me a tad bit nervous. So, that weekend, I took my bike in to the shop. I thought, worse case scenario, I’d need a new rim, because one of the spokes was broken too. Well, a couple of days later, the bike mechanic called me with some bad news. The carbon frame on my bike is cracked!!! I need a new frame for my bike! Crap! The bike shop said they were going to call the manufacturer and see if there was anything they could do. In the meantime, I decided to research my warranty online. Normally, the carbon frame has a lifetime guarantee…unless there is damage due to a crash. As soon as I read that, my heart sank.

I got a call from the bike shop the other day saying that they talked with the manufacturer & since it wasn’t covered under warranty, I just needed a new frame…and that is going to cost…$850 + $100 time & labor!!! I wanted to cry! How am I going to come up with these funds! I need my TT bike for when I do the Boise 1/2 Ironman in 2 months. The guy on the phone kept apologizing to me, but I reassured him it’s not his fault, it’s just a big chunk of change. I had him order the parts and get to putting my bike back together. In the meantime, I’m scrounging through couch cushions, my car, etc., trying to find any extra money. Lol. I actually just got a call on Thursday from the bike shop saying that they couldn’t order the part I needed & I need a WHOLE NEW BIKE!!! I want to cry. It’s going to cost alot!

RIP Jagger Jamis.
RIP Jagger Jamis.

In regards to my swimming…yeah, it’s kicking ASS!!! That is one thing I’m definitely proud of! Since I took 4 weeks off of running, I did get to really concentrate on my swimming. I can swim 2000 yds in less than 40 minutes. It seems like every time I’m swimming, it seems to improve just a little.

On the personal front, I’m moving again. I’ve just had it with my roommates. They’re pigs! They steal my food, they don’t clean, it’s just DISGUSTING!!! It just so happens that I have a friend that is needing a roommate in the basement of her house for $25 cheaper than I’m paying now. So, I get to pack up all my crap (again!) and move. It’s still just super close to work too.

Next week, I’m headed up to Boise to preview the course for the 1/2 Ironman I’m doing in June. I’ll have a brand new bike to ride on the course too. Pretty excited about that.

How are you doing? How is training going for you?


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