Stop Eating MY Cheese

Oh the joys of having roommates. I’ve now had roommates for 2 months and I’m quickly learning you have to pick your battles. I haven’t quite determined if this is one I want to battle out or if I should just let it slide.

One of my favorite all time snacks in the evening is to slice up some cheese and have me some saltine crackers and cheese. It just hits the spot. Plus, I look at it is a little bit of protein too. 🙂


Well, tonight after I got home from a long day of work, running to dr appointments and a killer swim workout, I came home to make me a sandwich and a good 1/2 of my brick of cheese was gone!!!! I KNOW I didn’t use that much cheese in the past 2 days. Plus, this roommate cut the cheese (giggle giggle…yes I sometimes have an 8 yr old mind) at all kinds of weird angles. Seriously?!?!?! The least you could do is slice the cheese from the same end it has already been sliced at. Good hell! How else do I know that someone used MY cheese? When the cheese back in the ziploc bag, they didn’t let the excess air out (pet peeve alert!).

This isn’t the first time this has happened either. This IS however the first time they’ve used so damn much!

Now, if this roommate would have come & asked me if they could use some of my cheese, I honestly would have probably said sure. They could at least have the politeness to ask!

Cheese is expensive. Because I love cheese SO much, I easily go through a 1 lb brick a week. That’s almost $5. If you’re going to start using my cheese without asking, please feel free to help pay for it.

Have you ever had roommates? What is one thing they did that bothered you?


12 thoughts on “Stop Eating MY Cheese”

  1. I have had roommates multiple times, each with something different I can complain about. People who eat my food or throw my stuff away, or never pick up after themselves. Right now I live with my Fiance and 3 others, 2 of the 3 are the biggest slobs EVER. 3 of us went away for the weekend, the only the messy 2 were home, we came home to the most disgusting bathroom, and things everywhere.It’s beyond annoying! Thank goodness come May 1, we will be down to 4 of us and down to the 3 of us (My fiance and his brother) as of June. The 3 of us are all clean and respect each other.

  2. I have had roommates then went for a long stretch without them. Recently got roommates again to help with the mortgage. Not the best idea. I have learned I don’t live well with people as I used to or something? I hate when people do not clean their dishes instead they put them in the sink. Who do you expect to do your dishes for you, your momma? I am not your momma.

    1. My roommates are FAMOUS for leaving dirty dishes pile up in the sink. I always wash my dishes as soon as I’m done using them. It bugs me to have dishes pile up, but I’m not going to do their dishes.

    1. Ideally I would LOVE to not have roommates, but right now, financially, that’s the only way I can do it. I’m just having to decide which battles to pick on what they do that bugs me. I have to remember too that I’m sure I do stuff that bugs them too. 🙂

  3. Food fights is a BIG one… at one point with roomates we decided to just buy all our own food label it and that was that. It was sad it got to that point – we all had our own gallon of milk and what not – but it was amazing how they happened to always pick the thing to eat when I was really craving it. 🙂

    1. We all have our own cupboards & we have our own shelf in the fridge too, so I’m not sure why the roommate thinks they can just eat whatever. I’m going to start labeling my own food.

  4. My roommates have only been they guy I was once married to and my son. It’s def not the same as what you are going through but I think you will have to pick your battles. Could you maybe get a little fridge for your room to store the stuff most important to you?

    1. Ya, I’m learning you just have to pick your battles when it comes to roommates. The cheese thing wouldn’t be that big a deal if 1. she just asked and 2. a couple of weeks ago she put a note in the utensil drawer that said “Do not use”. If we can’t use your measuring cups, etc., what makes you think you can help yourself to my cheese? Honestly, I just have to sit back and laugh.

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