Count Your Many Blessings

If you remember from this post, Wednesday, I’d had a REALLY bad night. Well, yesterday, I got home from work and saw that I got this in the mail from my dad:

Thomas S Monson quote

It has really got me thinking. When I’m in the middle of an anxiety attack, etc., it’s really tough to look for the positive. I posted this picture on DailyMile and my friend Julia gave me an idea. She started naming off some of her blessings and she started going through the alphabet. So…I thought I would too. They might seem like stupid, little things, but doesn’t the quote say “anything large or small”? Some of these may be “thankfuls”, but that’s the same thing, right?

A – The company I work for starts with an A. I’m thankful for my job. When the job market isn’t doing too well, I’m always blessed to have a job.
B – Bed. I’ve been without a bed before. I’ve slept on an army cot, I’ve slept on a futon and I’ve slept on a blow up mattress for extended periods of time. Nothing compares to a mattress. There are some people who don’t have beds.
CChrissie Wellington. You might wonder why she’s a blessing to me. Well, one day she replied to one of my tweets! You can read the blog post about it here. And right now, she gives me hope. I’m currently injured and am unable to run. Well, there was one time she had to take a DNF at the Ironman World Championships because she got injured 2 weeks before the race.
D – I’m blessed to have my Dodge Neon. Alot of people can’t afford cars. But I have a running car that gets me from point A to point B.
E – Endurance. I’m blessed to have some awesome endurance. I may not be a fast athlete, but I can at least go far!
F – Facebook. Yes, I’m thankful for Facebook. I can connect with some of my friends who live far away that way.
G – GIANT sugar cookies from the grocery store. (I treated myself to one tonight)
H – I’m blessed that I have bone straight hair. I’m reminded of this every morning by my co-workers. I can walk out of the house & not to have to blow dry my hair or anything and it will be straight.
I – Ice cream! Who doesn’t love ice cream!? Sometimes a good pint of Ben & Jerry’s turns a bad day in to a good one.
J – My friend Jeannie. She is definitely a blessing. My friend Julia as well. Both of these ladies are amazing inspirations to me and provide me with the most amazing support. Thank you for believing in me ladies!
KKeys on Main! I’m blessed that I know that I’m welcome there and no one will judge me.
L – My friend Lori. She provides me with SO much support and she’s an amazing friend!
M – Modern Technology. Enough said.
N – I’m blessed to have 2 amazing nieces and 2 awesome nephews! Enough said.
O – The Ocean. I haven’t been to the ocean in probably 20 yrs, but if I close my eyes, I can listen to the ocean and it is such a calming sound.
P – I’ve been blessed with supportive parents. They come to almost all of my races and they support every decision I make.
Q – Quietness. Silence can sometimes be a blessing to me. Sometimes it’s nice just to be in a quiet room, ya know?
R – Roommates. Sometimes they drive me nuts but I’m blessed that they’re allowing me to share their house.
S – Swimming. I’m blessed to be able to know how to swim. Alot of people don’t know how. Even if I can’t run, I can at least swim.
T – Twitter. Yep, Twitter. I’ve “met” so many amazing people on Twitter that inspire me every day. I can’t forget triathlons either. If it weren’t for triathlons, I’d be 300 lbs.
U – Umbrellas. It can rain & snow ALOT in Utah. An umbrella comes in handy.
V – Vision. I can only imagine how hard it would be to not see anything.
W – Weights & core. I used to HATE this workout, but I’ve grown to love it. How many people love doing weights? How many people aren’t able to?
X – Oh dear….hmmm…Xtra supportive friends & family
Y – YouTube. You can find some very inspiring things on YouTube.


ZZinnia flower. Yes, this one was hard to come up with & I had to do some searching, but they are actually quite a pretty flower.

What are some things you are thankful for and consider a blessing?


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