I Am Stronger Than This Challenge…

This morning started out pretty good. I got to work & was wearing my bright pink argyle compression socks. My shins were feeling pretty good, and I was thinking I’d probably be able to run the 5k at the local elementary school tomorrow. Something happened this afternoon though that changed my mind and everything seemed to go downhill.

I rubbed my shoe/leg up against the left leg (the one having shin problems) and it hurt pretty bad. Even when I’m not wearing my compression socks & sometimes when I am, all of a sudden, I’ll get a sharp pain in my leg, but it’ll go away as fast as it came. This afternoon when I felt that pain, I immediately took my compression socks off. After I took my compression socks off, it felt a little better, but sometimes I still get brief surges of pain in my calf/side shin and sometimes it feels like I am being pricked by a bunch of pins and needles too. I’m thinking that’s no good.

I don’t think it’s shin splints any more. Something just tells me it’s not. I’ve had my share of shin splints and they haven’t felt like this. So, I don’t know if it’s weird shin splints, or if it’s compartment syndrome, or if it’s some other random something or other. I was just reading more about this on WebMD & it says “Symptoms of chronic compartment syndrome (exertional compartment syndrome) include aching or cramping in the affected muscle (buttock, thigh, or lower leg) within a half-hour of starting exercise. Symptoms usually go away with rest, and muscle function remains normal. Exertional compartment syndrome can feel like shin splints and be confused with that condition. “ Interesting.

I’ve put a call in to my orthopedic surgeon for an appointment. The bad thing is, it’s a $35 co-pay plus any other procedures seeing I haven’t met my deductible yet. This ought to make for an interesting bill I can’t afford.

In the meantime, I have to take a DNF on the 5k at my nieces & nephew’s elementary school tomorrow and possibly a DNF on the Purple Day 5k the next Saturday. As of today I haven’t run in 10 days, so hopefully if I can get to the doctor this week I won’t have to rest too much longer.

In the meantime, this doesn’t do much for my anxiety. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, when I can’t run, my anxiety goes through the roof & my mind automatically goes to worst case scenario. What is my worst case scenario? I can’t do the 1/2 marathon I paid $80 for next month. I can’t do the sprint triathlon I paid $45 for next month and I can’t do the 1/2 Ironman that I’ve sunk ALOT of money in to that is in June.

While I was swimming tonight though, I kept thinking of my tattoo:

This is when my tattoo was brand new.
This is when my tattoo was brand new.

I just had to keep repeating this to myself. I have whatever injury I have for a reason. I don’t have it on purpose. I am going to learn something from this. Whether it be patience or some other hidden reason, I’m going to learn something from it.

In the meantime, while I was swimming tonight, my mind tends to wander (could be why I lost track of laps at one point & ended up swimming a total of 4,000 yds). So, I decided to use the time while I was swimming to try to convince myself that I’m going to be ok with this injury. I came up with a plan too. Wanna hear it? Too bad if you don’t. Lol.

I don’t know how long I’m going to be off from running. There’s a chance I won’t be able to run the 1/2 marathon next month. There’s not much I can do about that. But…in regards to the Boise 1/2 Ironman (the race I’m most worried about & the race I’ve spent the most $$$ on)…even if I can’t fully train for the run of that race…I’m still going to do the race, except the run part. I’ll do the swim and the bike and then take a DNF & not do the run. I want to at least get some of my monies worth out of the race. So…if this is the scenario that takes place, then I will do whatever I can to find the money to sign up for the 70.3 distance of the Bear Lake Brawl. No, it’s not under the Ironman name (which makes me sad), but it’s the same distance.

Bear Lake is gorgeous & their famous for their raspberries too!
Bear Lake is gorgeous & their famous for their raspberries too!

I would ideally like to do a 1/2 Ironman that is under the Ironman name, but I don’t know of anybody that lives in Michigan, Colorado, New Hampshire, Georgia, Florida or Austin that would let me stay with them (to save money) so I could do an Ironman there.

But…this is the plan that is keeping me going…and my tattoo…and my awesome coach. I knew there was a reason why I got that tattoo. Now…to just find out what exactly is wrong with my leg and how long until I can RUN!!!

Me, my coach his wife Chrystel.
Me, my coach his wife Chrystel.

1 thought on “I Am Stronger Than This Challenge…”

  1. I think that’s a good plan for the triathlon. Call it an Aquabike instead of a triathlon 🙂 Does walking bother your shins? I’m wondering if you could walk the 1/2 marathon instead of running it since you’ve already paid for it.

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