Bike Maintenance 101

A couple of weeks ago, remember how I crashed my bike? Well, thankfully I wasn’t hurt, and there wasn’t hardly any damage done to my bike…except the handlebar tape. That weekend I had just got my bike back from the shop from having a tune-up and I asked them as part of the tune up to put new handlebar tape on my bike.

This is what happened to my brand new handlebar tape.
This is what happened to my brand new handlebar tape.

I was mad that my handlebar tape had been ruined, but at the same time, if this was the worst of the damage from the crash, I was ok.

I decided that I wasn’t going to take my bike back in to the shop to have them re-tape my handlebars, so I emailed my coach. He said he would either show me or I could probably look it up on YouTube. I opted to look up a how-to video on YouTube. I had heard that taping handlebars was a little tricky and I was nervous. I started to watch this video tutorial:

Honestly, I got a little bored with the video about 1/2 way through because at that point he was talking about having to go around the hoods of the gear shifters and I didn’t have that on my bike. One nice thing about having a time-trial bike is for the most part, your handlebars are pretty straight so you don’t have to worry about the bends in the handlebar, which is where it gets tricky.

After watching part of the video, I went in and started to tape my handlebars. I think I did pretty well considering it was my first time doing it. There is a slight bend in my TT bars that make it a little difficult to keep the tape snug, but overall, not too bad.

My new handlebar tape.
My new handlebar tape.

Doing this simple repair on my bike has given me confidence to do other repairs when needed. I’m kind of excited.

Do you do your own maintenance & repairs on your bike or do you take it in to the shop?


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