Office Space moment

Normally I’m not a person who posts more than 1 post a day on here, but I’m so excited I couldn’t help it!

Have you seen the movie Office Space? Well, if you haven’t, it’s basically a movie about a disfunctional office and this one guy takes revenge. Well, one of the characters in the movie, his name is Milton. Nobody likes Milton. Milton is attached to his stapler and his desk. One day Milton’s stapler goes missing. He’s constantly asking people “Have you seen my stapler?”

Well, guess what? One day at work…my stapler went MISSING!!! Honestly who has the nerve to steal someone’s stapler? Yes, I was attached to my stapler. Why? Because it is the “Little Stapler That Could”!! This stapler can staple a whole crap-load of paper together that a normal stapler can’t! My co-workers covet my stapler! They want it!

I turned my desk upside down and cleaned out all of my filing cabinets looking for this stapler. To no avail, I couldn’t find it. I was over it. I even went out and bought me a new stapler. It was a good stapler and better than the standard stapler they provide at work, but it just wasn’t the “Little Stapler That Could”.

As a joke, and because I knew it would get laughs, I put this picture as my wallpaper on my computer desktop:

Office Space

I finally got tired of looking at the picture, so I finally replaced it with another picture of some flowers or something. I don’t know if it has to do with me changing the background on my computer, but the other day, I was on the phone and guess what I spotted sitting on my desk?

You guessed it…

The "Little Stapler That Could"1!1
The “Little Stapler That Could”!!!

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