Bribing Myself

I don’t know what it’s going to take, but I’ve got to figure out a way to get up early to do my swimming on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I usually run on those days too, so if I leave my swimming until the evening, combine that with running and sometimes doing my weights and core workout, I have time for nothing else.

I’ve had people tell me to sleep in my workout clothes or my swim suit and that helps to get you up and out of bed. Not I. My swim suit is just as comfortable as pajamas. Haha!

I’ve had people tell me that just the satisfaction of knowing their workout is done for the day helps them get up early to get it done. Not me. I would rather sleep. Sleep is a precious thing to me.

I don’t really have anybody to go swimming with to keep me accountable, so that doesn’t work either. For instance, Tuesday mornings, I have spinning class at Salt Lake Running Co, taught by my coach. I almost always make it to that class (unless my roommate is parked behind me) because I don’t want to have to text my coach and say “Hey, sorry I’m not going to make it”, you know? If I had something like that for my swimming, I’m sure that would help. But I don’t.

One thing I’ve found that helps a little, so I’m back to trying it is bribing myself. I know that sounds silly, but at this point, I’m willing to try whatever. This week I’ve told myself that if I get all of my swims done in the morning, then this weekend I can go buy myself a new pair of cute shoes for work or a new purse.

Ooooh, I could bribe myself with pie!
Ooooh, I could bribe myself with pie!

So far, it’s working. I got up Monday morning and got my swim in before work. I went to the store Monday night and saw a really cute shirt on clearance for $3 and I almost bought it, but I’m using that as an incentive as well to get my swim workouts done in the morning. I saw some DVD’s I wanted to buy too, but I’m holding that against me too until I get all my swim workouts done in the morning this week.

What does it take for you to get your workouts done in the morning?


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