Running Update

For a long time, I was struggling with my swimming, and then I had a breakthrough. It was FANTASTIC! I was on cloud 9. I’ve always struggled with running though. As soon as I stop running for a week or whatever, I always come back slow and it takes a lot of time for me to pick up my pace. Well, the past 2 times I’ve gone running it’s been a breakthrough moment.

This last Saturday I had to run 8 miles. I was out at my parents’ house, so I just ran 8 miles around their neighborhood/area. It was semi-flat with a few gradual up-hills. It was a really nice day out too. I was able to run in shorts and a t-shirt and be just fine. I headed out on the run with my Timex GPS (always!) and the run started out great. I would only check my time and mileage when I came to stoplights to prevent me from constantly looking at it and focusing on how fast/slow I was going. At mile 0.4 I noticed I was going a little slower than a 10 min pace, but I wasn’t too concerned about it. I was feeling really strong on this run. It didn’t seem to take a lot of effort.

At the 1.4 mile mark I was at a stoplight again and noticed that I was barely under a 10 min pace. I was happy with that. My goal is usually to always run a 10 min pace. That is usually my average pace. I stopped to take my first gel at the 3 mile mark and I noticed I was doing pretty well. I was still about a 9:50 pace. I was happy with that. Somewhere between the 3 and 5 mile mark I picked up the pace something fierce. I was still feeling strong. I was on cloud 9!!!

Around mile 6 – 6.5, the feeling strong part started to drift. My legs were starting to feel tired, I had run out of water (I was 1 mile away from being able to fill up my water). I was just ready to be done. At mile 7, I was able to stop at Target and fill up my water. God bless Target for being on my running route!!! That refreshed me a little bit, but my legs were still tired. I pushed on though!

This is how I feel like I'm running when I'm!
This is how I feel like I’m running when I’m running…fast!

I finally made it home at 8.16 miles in 1:17:58! I was shocked when I looked at my GPS and it said I ran a 9:33 pace!!! Woot woot!!! I was STOKED! That was the fastest I’d run in a LONG time. I was so proud of myself that I announced it on Twitter, Facebook, DailyMile, MyFitnessPal…basically anywhere that I could post it, I did. Lol.

I thought I had hit my peak and to be able to run any faster than that, I doubted it right now.

Well, Monday I was able to get my butt out of bed and get my swimming done early so that when I got home from work all I had to do was run 5 miles. I really didn’t want to run 5 miles on the treadmill, so that gave me the incentive to get up early. I headed out in my shorts, t-shirt & a jacket (Smart move to take jacket) and started running. I picked this particular route because there were some hills on there that give me trouble sometimes and it is very well lighted and I didn’t know if I would be out past dark or not.

I felt like I was running fast, but I wasn’t sure. I hesitated to look at my watch. I didn’t want to be disappointed. Plus, you know how sometimes you feel like you’re running fast, but you’re not? Yeah, I was afraid of that.

The only time I checked my watch was to see my mileage. I was running out 2.5 miles and back 2.5 miles.

The closer I got to home, the more excited I was getting. Once again, I only checked my watch at stoplights, etc. I could tell I was running at a pretty decent pace, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up that I was running faster than I had on Saturday.

By the time I got home, I had run 5.09 miles in 47:50!!! I couldn’t believe it when I checked my watch and it said I had run at a 9:23 pace!!! Had I really run faster than I had on Saturday?!?!? Holy crap!!! I was excited!!!

Once again, I had posted it on Facebook, Twitter, DailyMile, you name. I was feeling fantastic. Well, my hamstrings were screaming at me, but nothing a little foam rolling didn’t fix. Apparently the speed work I do on the treadmill on Wednesday’s is really paying off.

I’m so excited to run the two 5k’s I have coming up. I can see some PR’s in my future!!

What is the fastest you’ve ever run?


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