Lately my co-workers tell me I’m spoiled. It’s really starting to bother me when they say that because I beg to differ.


My co-workers think I’m spoiled because before I moved out, I would bring leftovers for lunch. My dad would put whatever leftovers he & my mom had for dinner the night before, in a tupperware container and put it in the fridge for me to take for lunch. My co-workers think that my dad makes it for me for dinner, but I explain to them that it’s just what they had for dinner the night before. It’s not like he made it special for me.

They think I’m spoiled because the other day, I locked myself out of my car, so I called my dad and he dropped everything and drove 30 minutes to unlock my car for me. What else was I supposed to do?

My co-workers think I’m spoiled because my parents came out on Valentine’s Day and gave me a Valentine’s present. Seriously, that makes me spoiled?

I don’t consider myself spoiled, because growing up, and even now, I have to work VERY hard for every thing I want/need. When me and my brother were young, if we wanted a video game, a new pair of shoes (outside of the back-to-school stuff my parents bought), then we had to save our allowance. If we didn’t have enough money for it, then we just kept saving.

I just have real issues with people saying I’m spoiled.


10 thoughts on “Spoiled?”

  1. Meh – they’re just jealous 🙂 It’s not like your dad gave you a million dollar necklace on Valentine’s Day! I think they are confusing “spoiled” with “loved.”

  2. My mom and dad are the same way. I’m an only child so I own being ‘spoiled’ haha. We really are blessed to still have our parents around…I’m sure some people would give anything to have that time with their mom and/or dad.

  3. That’s called having good parents! My dad once drove overnight to pick up my sister whose car had broken down on her way back to college–he had to sell the car for junk, drive her to college, and then drive home (about 12 hours one way)…but I wouldn’t consider myself or her spoiled. Just that our parents love us. They show their love with actions, not money or things.

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