Lunch-Lady Arms

When you become an overweight person and then lose a bunch of weight, your skin doesn’t necessarily bounce back like the rest of your body does. When I lost all of my weight, I noticed I had what I like to call “lunch-lady arms”. You know that extra flab of skin under your arms…I’ve heard some people call them bat wings, relief society arms…I personally like lunch lady arms. Lol.

Well, for a long time, because of my lunch lady arms, if I would wear a tank top to workout in or go run in, I would get chafing really bad on my arms because it would rub. I would even put Body Glide on my arms and it would help for short runs, but for long runs, I was just screwed. My only saving grace was to wear a shirt with sleeves.

The chafing was HUGE and it would hurt super bad.
The chafing was HUGE and it would hurt super bad.

Here’s a little tidbit of information. After my first triathlon 4 years ago, the next spring, I looked in to getting skin removal surgery. I went to a consultation with a plastic surgeon and she did some measuring and I had 8 inches of extra skin on my arm! 8 inches!!! No wonder I would chafe!!! (On a side note, I never had the surgery. Can’t afford it.)

Well, the other night, I went to the gym to run and the only clean top I had was a tank top. Of course I forgot to take my Body Glide to the gym. I thought I was going to get some pretty bad chafing by the end of the night. To my surprise…I was chafe free!!! Yay!!!

How did this happen? Thanks to doing my weights & core workout consistently for the past 1 1/2 – 2 years, my arms have toned up and I don’t have 8″ of extra skin on my arms any more!

So…lunch-lady arms…BE GONE!!!


6 thoughts on “Lunch-Lady Arms”

  1. TRIUMPH!! I call them ‘bingo wings’… think little old ladies hollering in bingo halls 🙂 I HATE my arms and am super self concious about them. I saw a woman once with a botched arm job, though, and it was not a pretty sight. That was enough to turn me off the idea instantly.

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