Running Survey Says…

I got this survey from one of my favorite running bloggers The Dancing Runner. I’m always in need of blog topics, so this was perfect!

Age: 33

Country/State/General Vicinity: Salt Lake City

Year you ran your first mile without walking: 1999

Year you became a “runner”: I would have to say probably 2000, when I did my first 1/2 marathon.

Why you run now: I run now for many reasons. I love it! There’s nothing like getting a high off of running. It helps me vent my frustrations. It gives me my “me” time. Plus, I don’t want to be fat again.

Just run

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a sports bra?: $50+ I know it sounds like alot, but it is worth it. I have big girls. I need lots of support. It’s the Moving Comfort Helena Tri Bra. I still have it. I need a new one.

My favorite sports bra.
My favorite sports bra.

First race: 2009 Bountiful Triathlon

It was a run/bike/swim tri & this was literally 1 min after i finished.
It was a run/bike/swim tri & this was literally 1 min after i finished.

Last race: Turkey 10k at my local recreation center. I PR’d. 🙂

3 races you wish you could run: Nike Women’s Marathon. Because of her experience with the 1/2 marathon, it just sounds like a wonderful race! I want to go to Spokane and run the Windermere Marathon with a couple of friends. I would LOVE to be able to go to Kona & do the Ironman World Championships one day.

Favorite race: Hmmmm…probably the Bountiful Triathlon. It just holds a very special place in my heart.

Best running advice you’ve ever recieved: Trust your training. I still have to remind myself of this too.

First running shoe: It was a Saucony. I don’t remember what style it was, but it was a great shoe. I am now a Nike girl though. My last 3 pair of shoes have been Nike.

Do you run with a watch?: Yes. I like to see how many calories I burn & I like to check my heart rate. I only check my pace when I’m stopped at a stop light or something.
Running goals for 2013: I would love to do a sub 2 hour 1/2 marathon. I want to be able to run the entire 10k of the Jordanelle Triathlon too.

It's a little big for a watch for me, but it does the job. :)
It’s a little big for a watch for me, but it does the job. 🙂

PRs: Turkey 10k 2012: 0:59:40. Telos Timp Tri: 1:17:39. Bountiful Triathlon: 1:20.

Now…time for you to answer a question or two or three. 🙂


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