Tri Apparel

The tri season is rapidly approaching and I need new tri clothes. My tri shorts are very loose fitting and they always roll down a little and then my tri top creeps up on me too.

In years past, I’ve always been a fan of TYR brand tri shorts. Why? There’s LOTS of padding in the butt that keeps you nice & cushioned on the bike. Last year I bought 2ZU brand of tri shorts and I’m not as a big of a fan. The cushioning in the butt doesn’t seem to last as long and especially the reflective letters on the leg have peeled off. I haven’t had that issue TYR. 

This year, I’m thinking of changing it up a bit and am wondering your opinion. Because I have a nice muffin top from my weight loss that won’t go away, a tri top always seems to creep up while I’m running and I always have to pull it down while I’m running. It makes it not very fun at all. So, this year, I’m contemplating going with a 1 piece tri-suit instead of tri shorts and a tri top.

Tri Suit

Have you ever worn a 1 piece tri suit verses a separate tri top and bottom? Are they as comfortable? Do they have much padding in the butt? I’m afraid I would feel more constricted in a tri suit. What’s your opinion?

Do you have a favorite brand of tri apparel?


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