Clean Eating

My friend & her husband over at Finding My Happy Pace have recently gone vegan. Before I was reading her posts, I’ve thought about trying to go vegetarian, but I’ve been intimidated about it. What really got me interested is when Steena said that she felt like she had more energy and could even run faster by going vegan.

When she said that, it made me really think. I’ll admit, I try my hardest to eat healthy, but for me it’s really hard when I burn so many calories by working out and I need to replace those calories, you know? Plus, my family doesn’t eat very clean or healthy.

Well, I’m moving out on February 1st. I’m SUPER excited. When I move out, I want to focus more on eating cleaner and even healthier than I am right now. But…for me it’s super intimidating. One day while I was browsing Pinterest though, I found this site about Clean Eating and it gives me a little bit more of an insight. I think it’ll be a good resource.

I don’t know if I could ever go vegan because I LOVE cheese and I LOVE ice cream, but I would be willing to experiment with vegetarianism, etc.

What are your views on clean eating?


4 thoughts on “Clean Eating”

  1. What a perfect time for you to clean up! It’s not that hard! Just try it one day. One day won’t seem so hard, then do it again the next, and the next, etc…I’m rooting for you!

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