The winter months in Utah are VERY cold. It’s a very dry cold as well. This does not bode well for my skin. My skin suffers terribly.

This year has been worse than previous years. When it gets so cold and dry, my skin gets really dry and I get severe eczema as well. I will spare you the pictures. 🙂 Plus, my eczema is kind of hard to see unless I’ve gotten right out of the shower or something. I’m sure the chlorine from the swimming pool doesn’t help matters.

But this year, the eczema has spread to my eye lids and around my eyes, up & down my arms and up & down the front & back of my legs. I went and got some moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream at the store for my eyes and that seems to help a little bit, but no matter how much lotion I put on my arms and legs, it doesn’t seem to help. Plus, it STINGS really bad. 😦 It’s not fun.

I’m at the end of my rope. I really don’t want to go to a dermatologist ($35 co-pay) to have him give me a steroidal cream that God only knows if my insurance is going to cover. So…I’m reaching out to my blogging community.

Do any of you get really dry skin or eczema? What do you use?


4 thoughts on “Eczema”

    1. Colloidal oatmeal baths and the small tube of lotion with Cortaid help my kids. We also use Eucerin for the kids as babies, its $$ but worth it.

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