Masherz is my favorite bike store. Yesterday I was reminded how nice the people are there. They’re not a HUGE store, and they’re definitely not a chain store, but they will go above and beyond to help you.

My first time at Masherz was 2 years ago when I bought my bike, Jagger. Because I was buying a time-trial bike, I knew I needed to do research and shop around before settling on a bike I wanted. I went to a couple of other bicycle shops in town and Masherz was the last store I went to. All of the other stores prior to Masherz they tried to talk me out of buying a time-trial. I was 110% sure I wanted a time trial bike. I had previously talked to my coach and he said that a time trial was the only kind of bike he rode (He’s qualified for Kona 4 times) and he highly recommended it.

It really frustrated me that every store prior to Masherz I went to tried to talk me out of a time-trial. When I walked in to Masherz I was pretty sure they were going to try and talk me out of it too. I was surprised that they didn’t. They didn’t have any time trial in their store, but they showed me a bunch of books and we looked alot of stuff up on the computer and that’s how I found my bike Jagger. Just their customer service at Masherz made me want to purchase from them instead of elsewhere.

Jagger...which is a Jamis time trial bike.
Jagger…which is a Jamis time trial bike.

Ever since, Masherz has been awesome with ordering parts for my bike that I’ve needed when I’ve crashed. I’ve taken my bike in multiple times for a bike fitting and they’ve been awesome about that. Speaking of which, I need to take my bike in for a tune-up soon (I need new tires and handle bars rewrapped).

For Christmas this last year, I got money to go towards an aero helmet. I really wanted an aero helmet, especially since I’ll be doing my first 1/2 Ironman this year. I know that aero helmets help take time off your bike significantly. I talked to my coach about it and he highly recommended Lazer Helmets. I researched them and I decided I wanted a lazer helmet. They were the most economically priced ones as well. I looked on eBay and they were on eBay for $179.

Well, yesterday I was out running errands and decided to just stop by Masherz to see if they sold or could order me an aero helmet. The guy was super nice. We looked at a bunch of different aero helmets online (they didn’t have any in store) and I was able to order the helmet I wanted! Yay!!! I got a freaking fargain-bargain on it too!!! I got it for MUCH less than it even said on eBay. I’m SO glad I went in to Masherz yesterday. I got the last one that is in the Utah warehouse, so they’ll order the helmet on Monday and I’ll have the helmet on Tuesday.

I love the flowers! It's the Hawaiian edition.
I love the flowers! It’s the Hawaiian edition.

The guy at Masherz yesterday was super helpful. He even put up with all of my other weird questions I was asking about bike saddles, tune ups, etc.

Masherz is definitely my favorite bike store & I will continue to give them my business.

Do you have a favorite bike store you always go to? Do you wear an aero helmet?


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