Working Out While Sick

Last Monday afternoon, my nose started to get really stuffy. I immediately started taking cold meds, but when I woke up on Tuesday morning I was in full-blown head cold mode. I was sent home from work early on Tuesday because I wasn’t feeling well and I immediately went to bed. The only time I woke up was to take cold meds.

When I get sick I am very diligent at taking cold meds. I usually take some kind of decongestant every 4 hours and then I take Zicam every 3 hours. In the past, Zicam has seemed to really help lessen the time of my cold.

I use the tablets.
I use the tablets.

So, I haven’t worked out in almost a week and I’m going absolutely NUTS!!! Working out is my mode of letting out anxieties, frustrations, etc. I thought I was feeling well Friday night, so I hopped on the bike trainer, and I only lasted 30 minutes (almost 9 miles). My chest was on fire!!

My cold has now moved down in to my chest. I’ve got tightness in my chest and my nose is still a little stuffy. So, I’ve still been taking decongestants, and now I’ve added Mucinex and cough syrup to the mix too. Ugh. Speaking of cough syrup…why do they say it is cherry flavored? It doesn’t taste like any cherries I’ve ever eaten. Lol. If the cough syrup and Mucinex doesn’t help, I’ll have to start making me some hot totties. Those always seem to help.

I’m feeling a little better today, but not enough to be able to go for a run or swim. I’m following the advice of “In the head, go ahead. In the chest, take a rest.”. I just hope this passes quickly. My sanity and my self control for food has been thrown out the window!!!

Do you workout when you’re sick? What is your best remedy for a chest cold?


10 thoughts on “Working Out While Sick”

  1. It depends on how sick I am: I generally don’t like working out when I’m sick, because I like to let my body rest to heal. But sometimes a good sweat can make me feel a little better. I love hot tea when I’m sick though.

  2. I read somewhere that the harder you train the closer you push your body’s natural ability to heal itself. In other words, the reason you feel tired and almost sick when you overtrain is because your body cannot fight back. So start out sick with training and it will be difficult to heal and would have little benefit. Good idea to take it easy, let it get better than get back slowly.

  3. I’ve been battling a cold for almost two weeks now. I’d have one day where I felt better and the next day I’d feel worse. I haven’t worked out at all – except for a 30 minute walk on Saturday. I don’t think my lungs would enjoy a run or a swim at this point, and I didn’t want to go to the gym to ride the stationary bike and spread my germs around. Plus I’ve been exhausted because the cough has been interrupting my sleep.

    I’ve been known to exercise with a cold if it’s all in my head, once I get past the first couple days of exhaustion. But this one is kicking my butt!

  4. Eeep, feel better! I hate when a cold sidetracks me! I often will hop on my spinner when I’m sick, I can’t stand laying on the couch. I just do a really easy, relaxed workout, just to get the blood flowing. Everyone is different though, if you’re not feeling right doing it, just rest!

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