Gold’s Gym Review

I’m thinking of switching to Gold’s Gym. Why? Well, if I ever get to move out of my mom & dad’s house and move closer to work I’ll need to switch gyms.

Lucky for me, there is a Gold’s Gym literally 0.1 miles from my work…and they have a pool! The other great thing about that is my work has a deal set up with Gold’s Gym that my work will reimburse me $1 for each time I go to the gym for up to 15 visits each month. So, they will reimburse me up to $15 a month. This will make my membership cost as little as $5 a month! That is a fargain-bargain!!! Currently I pay $320/year for a membership.

I decided that before I commit to this gym, I was going to do their Free 7-Day VIP Trial membership to see if I liked it or not. Plus, I don’t want to get a membership there until I move out that way.

I went to Gold’s Gym for the first time on Friday. My workout was a swim workout and weights. I was excited, yet nervous to try out their pool and equipment. There are definitely some pro’s & con’s to this gym. I’m still not quite sure how I feel about the gym. I think it will take the full 7 days for me to decide if I like this gym enough to get a membership there.

So, here is what I like and dislike about the gym:

  • I love that their pool is only 3 lanes and I don’t have to worry about swim meets being held there or the pool being closed for swim lessons, etc.
  • Downside to their pool is, it is only 3 lanes. You almost always have to share a lane. Now, I don’t mind sharing a lane; but the bad part is, and I got to experience it the other day, is alot of people who do swim in the pool don’t have pool etiquette. I truly don’t mind sharing a pool lane, but please let me know when you’re going to swim in my lane so we don’t have a head on collision (those tend to hurt).
  • I know this next one is a small issue, but I’m listing all of my issues. I don’t like that they don’t have a digital clock at their pool. They just have one of those giant wall clocks that you see at other pools. I like the digital clocks. They’re easier to read and keep track of your time. Especially when your goggles tend to fog up some times.
This is the kind of pool clock I dislike.
This is the kind of pool clock I dislike.
    • I did LOVE how big their locker room was. They had plenty of lockers, but not very many showers and not very many changing rooms. Good thing I have no shame and I’ll just change out in the wide open.
    • I LOVED that they don’t seem to put quite as many chemicals in their pool as the recreation center that I go to right now. Since they don’t have kids playing in their pool, etc., it’s not necessary to have quite as many chemicals. It makes my skin happy.
    • So…off to do my weights & core workout. I LOVED that they have a TON of weight machines. They have multiple of the popular weight machines, where the gym I go to right now, they only have 1 of each machine.
    • I disliked how many freaking meatheads there were at the gym. This is one of my biggest pet peeves at the gym. They hog the machines, they hog the weight benches, it just irritates me. They’re there to show off more than anything. There seemed to be more meatheads at this gym than the gym I currently go to…and there are alot of meatheads there too.
    • I really disliked that they don’t enforce that you need to put away your weights when you’re done. They have signs everywhere that say “Please re-rack your weights when you’re done”, but it doesn’t happen. I’m really thinking it wouldn’t be hard to enforce. I had to search high and low for some 20 lb dumbbells. I finally found some under a weight bench that wasn’t being used. I had to search high and low for a plyo box so I could do my step-ups.
Plyo Box
Plyo Box
  • I disliked the mats they have for you to do your core workouts on. At the gym I go to now, they have really thick crash mats for you to sit on and do your weights & core, etc. At Gold’s, they have what look like yoga mats, but they’re not yoga mats. They’re thinner than yoga mats and smaller than yoga mats too. The mat I used the other day was as thin as paper. I might as well have been sitting on the tile floor.
  • I LOVE that they have SO many treadmills, elliptical trainers and recumbant bikes. LOVE it. The gym I have doesn’t have alot and you have to get there early to get one.
  • I LOVE that they have cardio cinema at Gold’s. I’m sure that helps alot with making time go by faster when you’re on the dreadmill.
  • Last but not least, the people that I interacted with at Gold’s that work there, seemed very nice and more than willing to answer any questions I had. That was a pleasant experience.

So, with all of this being said, will I get a membership at Gold’s Gym? I don’t know. I will see how the rest of this week goes and what my experience is like there.

What kind of a gym do you go to? 24 Hour Fitness? Gold’s Gym? Planet Fitness? Rec Center? What has your experience been like?


2 thoughts on “Gold’s Gym Review”

  1. My gym is on a community college campus. I love that there are two swimming pools – an Olympic size and a smaller pool. I’ve been a member for a year and have never had to share a lane, although sometimes it can be a bit crowded with the college water polo games and kids swim team practices.

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