I want to apologize for the hiatus on my blog. I’ve got many blog posts I need to write to catch up with everybody.

The reason for the hiatus is I was lucky to be able to stay in downtown SLC for about 8 days and doggysit my 4-legged friend Abbie while her mom went to California for Christmas.

Abbie is a 8 year old pug and she is just the most precious thing in the world! I sure love that dog. It was so nice to come home and have someone be excited to see you.

Abbie definitely has her little quirks. I quickly found out with Abbie that she does NOT like the snow or rain. She would be SUPER excited to go outside to do her business when I’d get home from work, but then as soon as she saw that it was snowing or that there was alot of snow, she would dig her feet in and I’d have to pull her across the tile floor and in to the snow so she’d go outside. Lol. She would wait until she ABSOLUTELY had to, to go to the bathroom.

One thing I loved about staying at my friend’s apartment is she lets Abbie sleep on the bed with you. It was kind of fun having a dog to snuggle with at night. 🙂

There will be more posts to come in the near future.

Abbie barking at the dog on TV.
Abbie barking at the dog on TV.

A close up of Abbie.
A close up of Abbie.


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