Proud of my Company

I have noticed that ever since I got my new job on October 22nd, alot of things have changed. My attitude while at work has changed along with many other things.

A couple of weekends ago we had to work on Saturday so we could get payroll processed and get the checks to the branches the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Working Saturday’s isn’t a normal thing. I could have easily gone home at noon on Saturday, but I chose to stay later and get some other stuff done. I didn’t leave until around 4 p.m.

At my job, my schedule is 8:00 – 5:00; however if work isn’t done and we still have to process payroll or something, I might not leave until 6:00 p.m., etc. I don’t mind at all.

At my old job, if we had to stay late or work on a Saturday/Sunday, it was pure hell. I hated it. I had a crappy attitude, I did not like it.

Part of the reason I find that I don’t mind working longer hours or working on the weekend at my new job is because I know I’m appreciated for the work I do. Even if I don’t get something of monetary value or anything, they are always telling me thank you and that I’m smart and all that jazz. At my old job, I didn’t get any of that. None. It was quite sad. I didn’t feel appreciated at my old job. I felt like a pee-on.

I just find it amazing how much your attitude can change when your surroundings change and when you are appreciated.

The people I work with make me proud of the company. Everybody helps everybody. It’s really awesome.

2 of my co-workers
2 of my co-workers

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more proud of my company, they put up 2 Christmas trees in the lobby of our building. Now, why would Christmas trees and decorations make me proud? Well, both of these Christmas trees came from the Festival of Trees.

The Festival of Trees is all done off of donations. People decorate Christmas trees and scenes to go with the Christmas trees. They decorate wreaths, home crafts, mantel displays etc and donate them to the Festival of Trees. They are put on display at a big convention center for 3 days. Well, prior to the 3 days, they have a HUGE auction and auction off everything. All of the proceeds from the Festival of Trees goes to Primary Children’s Medical Center.

I know many children that have been taken care of at Primary Children’s, including my nephew. Some of these kids, their parents don’t have the funds to pay for their medical help. All of the proceeds from the Festival of Trees helps with this.

Well, we put 2 trees up in our lobby at work. Both came from the Festival of Trees.

This tree was bought from the Festival in 2011.
This tree was bought from the Festival in 2011.
This tree came from the Festival of Trees this year.
This tree came from the Festival of Trees this year.

Then, an email came out saying that they were going to have a silent auction between all of the employees for last year’s tree. At first I thought they would just use the money to buy next year’s tree, but no, the money that they get from the silent auction for last year’s Christmas tree goes to a local charity or someone in need. Currently the highest bid on the tree is $1,500.

We had a company meeting the other day and they told us what they were going to do with the money from the Christmas tree. They found out about a family in a city nearby and the father had a tumor the size of a softball on his brain (a softball!!! Can you imagine that? A softball is HUGE!). They have 6 children under the age of 8. The father has been operated on to remove the tumor, but he is still in a coma in the hospital. The mother doesn’t have more than a high school degree, so she’s basically working for minimum wage. My company found a contractor to do some work on their home for free so that they can get some additional renters in their basement to help pay their mortgage and then we’ll be providing Christmas for this family.

Things like this make me proud of the company I work for. My previous company didn’t do things like this. It just makes me super happy to have the job I have.


1 thought on “Proud of my Company”

  1. Great stuff, sounds like a great company. Also from a personal point of view it’s important to be happy while you work.

    I run an agency and I often say that clients can save £1,000 a month if they just said thank you!

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