Protein Supplements

Because I’m a bigger girl, when I workout, I burn A LOT of calories, therefore it’s very hard for me to replenish all of the calories that I’ve burned.

I’ve known for a while that I just need to break down and buy a protein supplement to help me recover from my workouts and to help with the additional calories I need to eat every day.

For a while, I was buying the Luna Bar Peanut Butter & Chocolate protein bars that had 180 calories per bar in them. They were delicious. I would eat one a day as a snack and I’d usually eat one right after a workout as well. I don’t know why, but I stopped buying them.

Well, this weekend, I was at the grocery store, and I finally just broke down and bought some protein powder. I bought EAS Soy Protein Powder. Why did I pick this powder? Because it was the smallest container. I didn’t want to buy one of the HUGE containers in case I didn’t like the powder. So, I bought a smaller container and it was chocolate flavored.

Today, after my 6 mile run, I decided to try out the protein powder. All I had to do was mix one scoop of the powder with 8 oz of milk. The only thing I’m not a fan of is mixing it with milk. I don’t like milk. I don’t like chocolate milk, nothing. I just don’t like the flavor of it or anything. Otherwise, I was very pleasantly surprised with this protein powder. I thought it might be a little gritty and not mix well, but it did. It tasted like chocolate milk. It’s a good thing if you like milk. 🙂

On the instructions it says you can mix the powder with any liquid. I think it might taste kind of gross mixing it with water, but I did have an ingenious idea of mixing it with my morning coffee! I would use it in place of my creamer, so I would basically have chocolate coffee. I’m going to try that in the morning. I had one friend suggest that I mix it with yogurt. Now that would be good. Get a big container of plain yogurt and then mix a scoop of powder with like a cup of yogurt, then I’d have chocolate yogurt. That would be very yummy. 🙂

Overall though, I was very pleased with the protein powder. I will definitely continue to buy it. Next time I will buy the bigger container.

Do you use any protein supplements? What do you mix your protein powder with?


4 thoughts on “Protein Supplements”

  1. I’ve been taking protein powders for a while, especially after my weights workouts (which I have been lazy with lately, too many things to do!) – anyway, I would mix mine, a vanilla flavour, with almond milk on its own, or in a banana and berry smoothie, but mixing it with water sucked – I use optimum nutrition. I have also put it into recipes before but it’s not as easy to get the whole serving in one go like when you drink it… Coffee is a great idea for mixing it up, I’ve heard people making iced coffees with their protein powders, I think you can get coffee flavour from some places too!

    1. I’ve never tried soy milk. I’m a little leery of trying it just because I don’t like any milk products except ice cream, yogurt & cottage cheese, and cheese. I’m not a fan of the texture of milk, the after-taste it leaves. I know, I’m weird. Lol. I need to try soy milk though.

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