Last Chance Survey

My friend Betsy posted this over at The Everyday Warrior and I always need ideas for my blog, plus it looked fun, so I thought I’d take part in the fun.

Last food you ate:

My new favorite treat! I LOVE this popcorn. It is almost identical to home made popcorn, but without all the mess of pulling out the popcorn popper, melting your own butter, etc.

Last beverage you drank:

We always have a gallon of Crystal Light made up and sitting in the fridge at my house.

Last thing you pinned:

Isn’t this a super cute dress? I haven’t been on Pinterest in a looong time. I love that website though.

Last text message you sent:
“Hey, so my workout tonight is drills on the bike. I was just going to stay home & do it but if you want to go to the gym again tonight, I can do that too. My workout is for 1 hour.”

Last blog you visited:

My friend Betsy’s, The Everyday Warrior (the link is above).

Last tweet you sent:
“Love it. So true”

Last place you visited:

I needed a treat, so I treated myself to a small blizzard.

Last time you did an ab workout:

Yesterday. I’ll do one tomorrow and Friday as well. πŸ™‚

Last show you watched:

I love this show! It always makes me smile.

Last thing you baked:

Cheesecakes! Lots and lots of cheesecakes.

Last thing you instagrammed:

I don’t “do” instagram. I have a phone that will let me do it now, but I don’t know how.

Last item on your to-do list:

Get my workout done today. I was able to check that off the list too. πŸ™‚


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