Our slogan here in Utah is “The Greatest Snow on Earth”. Even on our license plates it says “Ski Utah”. We had the Olympics here in 2002. I even worked at a ski resort one winter. I’ve lived in Utah my whole life and have NO clue how to ski or snowboard.

Ski Utah!

Each year I set a goal to try and learn to ski/snowboard, but I have been unsuccessful at fulfilling that goal. I’ve set this goal because I’m not a huge fan of the snow come winter time in Utah. Well, guess what? In Utah, in the winter, it’s snows. I have to get used to it and enjoy it. My hope is if I learn to ski/snowboard, I will start to enjoy winter more. Plus, until the last couple of years, on Christmas Day, my family has always driven up to Park City and had a picnic in our car and watched the skiers and snowboarders ski down the mountain. I’ve always wanted to be able to join them on Christmas day. This year, I’m making it happen!! I’m going to do it!!!

I can just picture myself flying down the mountain.

A looooooong time ago, I attempted to learn to ski. I went with a couple of co-workers up to Snowbird Ski Resort to attempt it. Now, this was before I was in shape. I’m sure that had a lot to do with my not so good attempt at learning. I was scared learning how to ski. I was told you have to keep your skis parallel to each other and don’t cross the tips of them. I remember before I even got to the bunny hill, I had my ski’s on and it was VERY hard for me to control them. If I fell, I didn’t have any leg strength to get back up without taking the skis off. Going down the bunny hill was just super scary for me. It was just not a good experience for me. Plus, you have to take in to consideration that I’m not the most coordinated gal you’ll ever met.

Since that experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s going to be easier to learn to snowboard. Why? Because you don’t have to keep your 2 ski’s together. Both feet are strapped down to one board. A lot of my friends at Keys on Main know how to ski or snowboard. Last Saturday night I asked Aron to teach me to snowboard this year.

Aron wanted to know why I wanted him to teach me instead of getting professional lessons. Well, for starters, he’s cheaper. J I told him I’d even buy him lunch and a beer. Even buying him lunch and beer, he’d be cheaper than a professional. Plus, I just feel more comfortable around him than I would some stranger, ya know?

Aron started showing me basic stuff on how to turn and whether I was right footed or goofy footed (I’m goofy footed) Saturday night. I told him I would practice this stuff and report back the next weekend. J

Aron and Jason said we should go to Wolf Mountain for my first couple of times. They said it’s the easiest bunny hill and it’s cheap. We haven’t set a date yet as to when we’re going to go. The only problem I foresee is Aron and Jason work nights at the club, so when they do go snowboarding, they go during the day. Well, I work during the day. Maybe one of the Federal holidays coming up when I don’t have to work, we can go.

I’m pretty excited. Here’s to learning how to snowboard and enjoying the winter time!

Have you ever skied or snowboarded?


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