Aqua Zumba

Last night, since I’m not able to run or bike this week, I went to an aqua zumba class.

I had been to a regular zumba class during the summer and I LOVED it. While at the gym I’ve seen aqua zumba classes in the pool.

This class was really small. I think there were 7 of us and the instructor. The instructor was a different instructor than I expected. I liked her though. She actually got in the water. The other instructor that I’ve seen that teaches the class, she doesn’t get in the pool with you. She just stands on deck.

Overall, I wasn’t a fan of the class. Why? I’m used to a more intense workout. This workout wasn’t intense enough for me. I’m used to workouts where my heart rate is elevated and I’m breaking a sweat, etc. This is nothing against the instructor, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

I can see where this class would be great for people who have mobility issues or who are just getting started exercising. I came home and told my dad that I think this would be a great workout for my mom. During the class, I also thought that this would be a great workout for a rest week after a race or something when you have the entire week off.

Nothing against the teacher, but for me, I don’t think I’ll return to the class.

Have you ever done Zumba or Aqua Zumba? How did you like it?


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