Turkey Day!

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Holy hell, it seems like yesterday was the 4th of July. I’ll admit, I dread Thanksgiving. Why? I have NO self control. When there is a HUGE buffet table set out with food, I feel like I have to try a little bit of everything and then my plate is stacked a mile high with food (how do you think I was 275 lbs at one time), and Lord knows, Thanksgiving isn’t the most healthy food.

This particular year, I’m REALLY dreading Thanksgiving. Why? We’re probably going to go to Chuck-A-Rama. Yup, you heard it, we’re probably going to a damn buffet where everything is under heating lights. My Grandma just had shoulder replacement surgery, so she won’t be cooking dinner. My aunt has her family now with her grandkids that come to her house. My grandma & grandpa will probably go there. My brother always goes to his in-laws house. So, that just leaves me, my mom and my dad.

I would be more than happy to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family, but then everybody wants input and everybody wants something different and that makes it stressful. I guess one plus to going to a restaurant for Thanksgiving is they have EVERYTHING for Thanksgiving and if someone doesn’t want it, but someone else does, everybody is happy.

One of my ultimate favorite things to have at Thanksgiving dinner is stuffing. You gotta have stuffing. If you put a little turkey on your fork, then some cranberry, then some stuffing, then top it all off with mashed potatoes (Yes, all on the same fork), then stuff it in your mouth! HEAVEN!!! Plus, ya gotta have candied yams on Thanksgiving. Yummy!!

One thing that will help me this year with Thanksgiving is I’m going to sign up for the Turkey 10k at my gym. That’ll let me burn a good 900-1000 calories before I sit down to dinner that day. ๐Ÿ™‚

Do you have Thanksgiving traditions? What are your plans this year?


4 thoughts on “Turkey Day!”

  1. I know right?!!? Thanksgiving is always hard… I feel like we always ‘go’ to a buffet – whether at someones home or otherwise….always helps to get a work out in to make room!

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