Halloween at Keys on Main

Lucky you folks, you get 2 posts in one day! I figured I had to post about the Halloween party I went to.

For the past 4 years, I’ve gone to Keys on Main for Halloween. They throw a bad-ass Halloween party. It’s a TON of fun!

Because Keys on Main is a dueling piano bar, three years ago, I dressed up as a dueling piano. Last year, I dressed up as a clown, and this year, I dressed up as a RoadKill Runner.

My friend Katy & I as “dueling pianos”.

I got some old running clothes and put tire marks on the back like I’d been hit by a car. Then, I had my dad do my face & legs up as follows:

I tried to look the part.

I was in the restroom at one point during the evening and one lady asked if the gashes on my legs were real. Lol. It was awesome!

Have you ever seen the clothing brand Affliction? It’s really expensive clothing and it looks like a bedazzler was taken to the clothing. It’s EXPENSIVE clothing too. Now…nothing against the company, but usually the people that walk in to Keys on Main wearing this type of clothing, especially the men, are usually douche-bag type men (sorry, couldn’t think of a nicer word). So, what did my dad dress up as for Halloween? A redneck style affliction. Lol. It was awesome. Here are pictures:

Afflction spelled “Aflickshun” pinned to a black t-shirt.

Yup, we even pinned doilies to his butt pockets. Lol!

Usually, at Keys on Main, if you see a guy wearing Affliction apparel, he’s usually drinking an AMF. An AMF is a bright blue alcoholic drink. Well, since my dad doesn’t drink alcohol, so my dad would really look the part, they made him a Sprite & put blue flavoring in it. After all was said and done, my dad looked the part perfectly.

Have no fear, there’s no alcohol in this beverage.

Here are some pictures of the staff at Keys:

A-Ron as a witch doctor.

Brandon as Gene Simmons in his KISS costume.

George as Prince. When George sings a Prince song, he sounds just like him too.

When George plays “Gangnam Style” on the piano, Mike comes out from the kitchen & does the dance. It’s awesome!

Eric as a vampire

Jason, Jon & Jack.

Jason dressed up as A-Ron. When A-Ron isn’t at work as security at Keys on Main, this is what he looks like. Seriously. He did an awesome job!

Kendrick as Rocky Balboa!

The Steam Punk Couple. I LOVED their costumes. Wish they would’ve won the costume contest.

Did you dress up for Halloween? What did you dress up as?


4 thoughts on “Halloween at Keys on Main”

  1. you looked awesome! Woot woo, what great legs you have! Not that it’s a surprise, being a runner, cyclist, swimmer, of course you would have fantastic legs, we just never get to see them 😉

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