New Job Week 1

This last week was the first week at my new job. So far, I absolutely LOVE it.

I found it quite odd that last Sunday night and even Monday morning as I was getting ready for work, I didn’t have any nerves or anything. Usually when I do something new, I am a bundle of nerves. So, that caught me by surprise.

As I go through training at work, I find that some things and terms and the way they do things is familiar to me, but there are some other things that are completely foreign to me. I’m excited to be learning new information.

My co workers at my new job are AWESOME. There is a total of 5 of us in the department and they are all super awesome. I’ve had questions along the way and they are more than happy to help, even if they are very trivial questions. What really impresses me is they are all more than willing to help each other out. Everybody helps everybody and they don’t complain, etc.

I was telling one of my friends this last week that in the first week of my new job, I think I’ve dressed nicer and worn more makeup than I did the entire 8 years I worked at jcpenney. Lol. At my new job, we have to dress very nice (dress/skirt/slacks/blouse) Monday – Thursday and then we have casual Friday where we can wear jeans (as long as there are no holes) and sneakers. When I worked at jcpenney, I wore jeans & sneakers every day.

I’m super excited to head back to work tomorrow and learn more.


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