Dreams – What Do You Think?

I’ve always been fascinated with dreams and what they mean. In high school I was fascinated by psychology and when we would study dreams. I do remember studying Sigmund Freud and it seemed like with him all dreams went back to having something do with sex. *eye roll*

The other night I had a dream that I was 6 months pregnant with a baby boy. It didn’t come out in the dream who the father was. I remember in the dream I was hugely pregnant and I was hanging out with some friends at a restaurant. Most of all, I remember being SUPER happy in the dream.

With that being said, I find this dream quite odd. Why? Because it seems the older I get, the more little kids irritate the crap right out of me. There are days where I want to grow old with someone and have babies, and then there are other days where I want to be the single cat lady and live by myself.

There has also been a couple of times where I have had dreams like this and then a day or two later, I find out that someone I know is pregnant. This time I know NO ONE who is pregnant or who might even be close to being pregnant. And Lord knows, I’m as single as they get, so it can’t possibly be me.

So, I just found this dream interesting. It has made me think.

Do you remember your dreams? What do you think of my dream?


7 thoughts on “Dreams – What Do You Think?”

  1. Ugh, I either have horrific nightmares that ruin me for the entire next day, or wildly inappropriate dreams that are completely freudian! Sometimes there are in between “normal” dreams, but they truly are fascinating. I can look at the normal dreams, and even some of the freudian ones, and think, yeah, I can see that I guess, I had been talking about that person today so it’s no surprise they came into my dream, or can make guesses as to how the random firing of neurons in my brain may have resulted in those things – but the nightmares, now they are on another level – it terrifies me that some part of my brain can come up with some of the ideas in my nightmares! It’s a funny place and I intend to always protect my brain as there is so much we don’t understand about it and just looking at dreams is a perfect example!

  2. Perhaps the dream has to do with “new responsibility” coming into your life. We often call other things that we are responsible for “our baby” like a job or a hobby or a car or some kind of special project we are working on. “It’s my baby” Are you familiar with this slang phrase? Perhaps your dream is referring to something along this line. Not a child but something that you are fond of and responsible for.

  3. Dreams are crazy!! I DO think that some of them have meaning. I’m glad you wrote it down! You should write down all the details you remember, and then I’ve been told you write down other things that are associated with those things (like what else reminds you of pregnancy..) You never know, it could just be a simple look into your future πŸ™‚

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