Tis the Season

Every year around this time, I get plagued with the dreaded shin splints. It can be VERY frustrating. Thankfully, this year it hasn’t been too bad…yet. Tis the season for shin splints!

Tonight, I went to go get on the treadmill to do some speed work and I did good for about 2 minutes and then left shin and ankle started to hurt. Gah!!! Normally, I would have no problem running through the pain; however, I have a full marathon in less than 2 weeks down in Las Vegas. I couldn’t take the risk of running through the pain and possibly make the shin splints worse. So, no workout for me tonight.

I think I know what will fix my problem though. I wear special inserts in my shoes that help with my pronation when I run, which helps prevent shin splints. The inserts I have in my running shoes right now are SHOT!!! I had them in my trail running shoes during my Ragnar run and that just really did them in. So, tomorrow, on my way home from work, I’m going to stop in to Salt Lake Running Co and get me a new pair of inserts. Hopefully that will help.

So, since I didn’t get a workout in tonight, I came straight home, foam rolled my shins, iced them down and am now wearing compression socks.


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