Changes Are Coming

This weekend is bringing a fairly big change in my life. For the past 8 years, I’ve worked for the same company. Tomorrow is my last day with this company. It brings mixed emotions.

When I started with this company, I worked in their Accounts Payable department. I took phone calls in a call center from vendors wanting to know when an invoice was going to be paid, or why an invoice hadn’t been paid yet. I did that job for about 2 years. Then I transferred to the payroll department in this company. I was still in the call center, but I took phone calls from people at the store needing help transmitting their payroll. I’ve helped the company go from one time system to another. After 1 year in that payroll department, I transferred departments again. I stayed in the payroll department, I just transferred out of the call center. I loved it. At first I just processed vouchers for associate’s who were missing pay or who were terminating from the company. As I stayed longer in this department I got to learn more information. I’ve helped now with Severance for the company as well as sick pay and just processing regular payroll.

The company I am moving to is a much smaller company. I will still be doing payroll, but it will be a completely different system. It is better pay and better benefits. It is going to be a great move. I’ll be able to expand my education and learn more information. I’m quite excited.

As tomorrow, my last day, approaches, I’m excited, but sad at the same time. I’ve met ALOT of great people at my job. I will be sad that I’m not working with them any more, but I know this will be a good move. At least I’ll get to keep in contact with them via email, text or Facebook.


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