Trail Running

I’ve always looked at trail running as a challenge & as fun. I’ll tell you this, for the past 2 seasons, I’ve thought I was in pretty good shape. But, once I started trail running, I don’t feel like I am. Haha! It is HARD!!!

I recently started doing more trail running because I had a friend approach me at work and ask if I wanted to do the Ragnar Trail Experiment down in Zion National Park. Without thinking twice about it, I signed up! This was like 2 weeks ago.

So, I got off the phone with my friend and decided I better do some trail running. Haha! People always talk on DailyMile about running the trails. They make it sound SO easy.

I went to Salt Lake Running Co and got me some trail running shoes and decided to run my first trail. It was up a canyon about 10 minutes from my house. Boy was it steep! Whew!!! It took me 25 minutes to go 1 1/2 miles.

It’s a pretty steep trail.

The first 2 miles are pretty steep. Then, I was running and a guy passed me on a bike & said, oh you’re getting to the fun part, it’s just little rolling hills now.

I don’t know about you guys, but this doesn’t look like a little hill to me. Haha!

But, my saving grace on this trail is the beautiful scenery to look at. That’s what makes the trail go by so fast.

Beautiful fall colors
Can you see the little white net looking things sticking up out of the ground? Not sure what they are, so I had to take a picture. They were all over the mountain side.

Finally I made it to the end of the trail. The trail is called Elephant Rock because the trail ends at this gi-normous rock! This isn’t the best picture, but here ya go.

You can see the rock the entire way up the trail.

So, I made it up to the top. There were a couple of guys up there with their mountain bikes, so we stopped & chatted for a few minutes and then I headed back down. This is when disaster struck. Lol.

I’m not the most coordinated person in the world and trail running is harder because you have to run over big rocks and it’s not a flat surface you’re running on. About 1 1/2 miles from the bottom of the trail, I twisted my right ankle. I was able to walk it off and pick up my pace & start running again. The whole time, I was thinking “at least it wasn’t my left ankle”. I was glad it wasn’t my left ankle because that is the ankle I broke a couple of years ago and I knew if I twisted that ankle, it would hurt worse.

Well, whaddaya know, not more than 0.1 miles from the bottom of the trail where I would be able to run on pavement, I twisted that ankle! Crap!!! But…I still had 9.5 miles to go on my run. I decided to run the 6 miles on the trail and then run the additional 10 miles on the streets back home. I really had to be careful for a little bit. I told myself if once I got on to pavement it still hurt to run, I would call my dad & call it a day. But, I was so excited. I started running down the street that leads up to the canyon and it didn’t hurt. My ankle wasn’t even swollen. So, I kept on with my run.

I finished my run that day with 6 1/2 miles on a trail and then 9 1/2 miles on the road. The trail run was really slow, but the 9 1/2 miles I was able to keep a pace of 9:52/miles. I was pretty impressed considering the circumstances.

I’ve been running the past 2 days on the streets just to give my ankles some rest from the trails, but this weekend is the trail race down in Zion. I’m pretty excited. Each team member has to run 3 separate trails that total 15 miles. It’s going to be tough, but it’s going to be fun.

Have you ever done trail running? How do you like it?


4 thoughts on “Trail Running”

  1. Love love trail running! I am no good at it at all, but I love it! I want to get into rogaining at some stage, where you run around and navigate and do all sorts of exciting stuff up mountains! I do have a problem of sometimes passing out randomly whilst running, which on hills has really sucked, had a massive stack running down one mountain in January, but luckily I have been a bit more aware about the blacking out so have managed to avoid anything serious! I also worry about rolling ankles, I should probably invest in good trail running shoes!

  2. Trail running is the BEST!!! The main thing is to learn to love the trail with all its toughness, roots, rocks and hills! Right now focus on enjoying the trails and don’t worry about time and the whole experience will be better!!

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