33 Years Ago Today

33 years ago today the world was graced with my presence!!! Every couple of months when I was an infant, and every year on my birthday, my parents take us to the photo studio and we get professional pictures taken. Sometimes I dread it, but I know in the end, when I have kids and when my kids have kids, it’ll be fun to look back at them. So, I thought I’d share a couple of photos with you.

Sadly, I don’t have any baby pictures on my computer, they’re sitting in a scrapbook on my shelf in my closet. Feel free to come on over to my house & I’ll show them to you. But, here are a couple of pictures I did have on my computer.

Family picture, Sept 1982. I was almost 3.

Family picture, June 1984.

Sorry, now we’re going to skip a bunch of years.

Birthday pictures, Oct 2008.

Birthday pictures, Oct 2009.

Birthday pictures, Oct 2010.

Do you have birthday traditions at your house?


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