A Favorite Race

Yesterday was one of my favorite races that I usually do every year and this year…I didn’t do it. 😦 I’m actually quite sad about it.

Yesterday was The Dirty Dash. I have done it every year for the past couple of years, sometimes twice a year (spring & fall). This year I failed to sign up in time and it sold out.

The Dirty Dash is a 5k/10k obstacle course in the mud about 45 minutes away from where I live. For some people I know the mud doesn’t sound fun, but it really is!!! Each year, they seem to add a different obstacle every year.

Last year, I learned a trick. About 1/2 way through the run, my shoes were getting SUPER heavy because they were caked with mud and the shoe laces kept coming untied, etc. So, at about the 3 mile mark, I ditched the shoes and went barefoot the rest of the way! There was one point where we had to run on some gravel and that hurt a little bit, but overall, it was SO much fun to go barefoot. If I would’ve done it this year, I would’ve gone barefoot the entire time.

One of the really fun and cool things about this race is, it isn’t who finishes first. It’s more of a fun run race. There are some obstacles where you have to climb over a wood planked wall and some of these walls are pretty high. (You can bypass some of the obstacles if you want, but what fun is that?) I remember one year, one guy was kneeling down in the mud, letting everybody use him as a step stool to get over the wall. It was awesome!

The last 2 obstacles are a giant slip-n-slide down the mountain and crawling through a pool of mud! That’s where you usually get the muddiest.

I really missed doing it this year. Since I didn’t get to do it this year, I thought I’d share with you some of the pictures from previous years.

The beginning! We had to climb the big mud hill in the back. Harder than you think. 🙂

Running barefoot to the final mud pit.

You have to army crawl through this mud pit at the end.

Headed to the FREEzing showers.

Next year I’ll have to do this race again.

Have you ever done a mud run? Did you like it?


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