Oh the Joys…

Every runner deals with it. It is NOT pleasant. It hurts like mad. It is chafing. Just to preface the rest of this article, it MIGHT provide too much information for some people.

Lately, my chafing seems to have gotten worse than it usually is. Not sure why. I thought about taking pictures for you guys, but I decided I would spare you. 🙂 The places where I get the most chafing is under my muffin top. Now, in this definition of a muffin top, they make it sound like you can do something about your muffin top. In certain instances you can; however, I’ve lost 114 lbs, therefore, I have extra skin and it creates a terrible muffin top. I get terrible chafing there because when I’m running, it rubs up against the waist band and even wearing a shirt and tucking it in, it usually doesn’t help.

The other place that I get chafing REALLY bad is under my boobs. Lord have mercy it hurts so bad. On my long runs, it gets to the point where they weep and can bleed.

They do have this stuff on the market called Body Glide, which is a balm that is to help prevent chafing, but sadly, the last couple of days it hasn’t been working. I put the Body Glide on my trouble spots and it’s not helping. It’s making me very sad.

After a run, I go to hop in the shower and it hurts!!! I wanted to take an epsom salt bath tonight to help my legs relax after my run tonight, but oh my world, salt water + chafing = IMMENSE pain.

So…does anybody have any other suggestions to help with chaffing besides Body Glide? This is getting ridiculous.


6 thoughts on “Oh the Joys…”

  1. I really don’t know, but perhaps baby powder? Maybe some aloe vera post run to help ease the pain. I could be totally off…maybe do a search on google. I’ve haven’t had any bad chafing, but hopefully someone else has some good tips. All the best.

  2. I use Body Glide on my inner thighs when I wear dresses without stockings… otherwise the chafing gets REALLY bad. Like, walking around DC for a day will actually leave my thighs looking like raw hamburger. Once I even bled! Why does my body hate me? If you sweat a lot it wears off, though. Maybe that’s why it hasnt been working very well lately; because you’re sweating more than normal? Just an idea.

    I called one of my friends for advice with your problem and she said she gets chafing under her breasts too. She said first check your bra. If the bra isnt EXACTLY the right size, you’ll be miserable. Start noticing whether it happens more with some bras than with others. Also you can go to the feminine products aisle and buy a Monistat product:

    SOOTHING RELIEF® Chafing Relief POWDER-GEL®: This breakthrough product is great for daily prevention
    and relief of chafing and irritation in delicate areas like your inner thighs, bikini area, underarms and breasts.

    I looked online for you and they carry it everywhere; drugstore.com, amazon, cvs.com, walmart.com… I’m hopeful that it will help with your muffin top area, too 🙂

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Katie! You are AMAZING!!! I’ll have to look for that at the store. You know, it very well could be the bra’s I wear when I workout. They’re 2 years old, I think. It might just be time to get new ones. 😉

  3. I don’t have an answer to your problem, but if I had a lot of money – I’d pay for you to have the surgery to have your excess skin removed and your boobs lifted and tightened. You’ve worked so hard. You continue to impress me.

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