Where Were You?

What a somber day it was today. I’ll never forget where I was 11 years ago today when I heard that a plane had crashed in to World Trade Center in NYC. I’ll never forget the emotions, and how everyone pulled together.

11 years ago today, I was living in suburb of Salt Lake City in my own little apartment loving life. I was working at a retail store near Brigham Young University in Provo. I had to be to work at 9:00 a.m., so I had set my alarm for 7:15 a.m. When I woke up, I always turned the radio on to listen to while I got ready for work. When I woke up, they had just talked about how a plane went down at the Pentagon.

I’m not in to politics alot and it’s not talked about at home, so I knew the Pentagon had to do with the government and I knew it was serious, but I didn’t know who worked at the Pentagon, etc. I kept listening to the radio and they mentioned that one of the towers had gone down.

I hurried and got ready for work and while I was driving to work, I called my mom and dad to get more details and to get a better understanding. I remember my mom being worried because her real close friend that she’s known since she was in the Army lived in Brooklyn and my mom’s cousin works at the Pentagon.

I remember getting to work and all of the TV’s in the home electronics department had the news on. The second plane had hit the second tower by now and I remember seeing that repeated over and over on the news. Those that were able to listened to the radio during their shift and if they came to the customer service desk (where I worked), they would give us an update. Even customers that called would give us an update.

I remember the whole day I took calls to see if we had any more American flags for sale. The disappointment I heard on the other end of the line when I told them we were completely sold out and we MIGHT get another shipment in later this week, was powerful.

I remember trying to find out when and where I could go to donate blood to assist in any endeavors. I remember my mom trying to call any and all hospital in NYC to see if her friend Sharon had been admitted and always receiving a no, they had no one by that name. I remember my mom frantically trying to get ahold of her other cousins and uncles to find out if her cousin Scott was ok (he was).

I remember watching the news and hearing how some of the firefighters from Utah and all the other states were packing up some of their trucks and driving back to NYC to help. I wondered if our friend Danny would be one to go back (he wasn’t but part of his crew did).

I remember both my mom and dad saying “If the Army and Air Force would take me, I would re-enlist and go fight.”

A week after the event, I remember being at work that night and the news saying they were going to hold a candle-light vigil that night. The whole store stopped and everybody, customers, co-workers, everybody, went outside and we took candles off the shelf and lit them and we all stood in the parking lot silent, with tear streaming down our face.

As I was driving in to work today, the XPoll on X96 was “What do you remember from 9/11? If you’re young (in your 20’s), what do you remember?” It gave me chills to listen to the radio show this morning.

I remember how the whole country seemed to come together at this time of crisis. It didn’t matter what your religion was, what color your skin was, or how much money you had. On 9/11, everyone pulled together to help each other. I find it sad that it took such a sad and terrible tragedy for this to happen.

I will NEVER forget what I saw on TV that day. I will NEVER forget the feelings I had that day.

Where were you?

I remember hearing this song for the first time and sobbing. I think it sums all of my feelings up.


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